Russia-Ukraine War: Appeal of Indian students from Ukraine

Many Indian students are trapped there amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Students trapped in different cities of Ukraine are telling their pain to their families. The family members are also very upset here. The family of three MBBS students living in Deoria has appealed to the Government of India for the children to return home. 

The family says that they expect Modi Ji that he will get our children back safely. At the same time, the hope of children is also from PM Modi. Many students released the video saying save Modi Ji.

Pranavnath Singh Yadav of Rampur Karkhana town in Deoria district had gone to Ukraine in the year 2018 to study MBBS. At present, he is stuck in his university hostel. While talking to an uncle on a video call, Pranav told him that there is an emergency-like situation here. There are long lines of people in malls, ATMs, vegetable markets. 

Shortly before, he left the hostel and collected ration. Here, the family members of Pranav pleaded with the Modi government that the students should be called back by any means. Apart from Pranavnath Singh Yadav, Shaktiraman Singh and Sunil Maddeshia are students of different medical colleges of Ukraine, who are stranded in Ukraine. The families of all these have requested the government to bring them to a safe India. 

Through WhatsApp calling, Pranav told that when he woke up in the morning, he heard the sound of a bang. Which happened at 150 km. He told that the Dean of the University has forbidden the students to come out and asked them to keep 15 days of purchase as per the requirement. He wants to come back to India, apart from this Pranavnath Singh Yadav told that some students had gone to the airport. But they were not allowed to enter. 

Students were not allowed to enter the airport 

Pranav is in his fourth year of MBBS. Her father Surendra Yadav is the Chief Pharmacist in a hospital in the Ballia district. Pranav's younger sister Akanksha was married in December. The time he came home and returned to Ukraine on 3 February.

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