Pagglait Movie Review: Sanya Malhotra's Dialogue 2021


Pagglait Movie Review: "We have understood one thing if we do not take our own decision or not ... then we will take others, whether we like it or not". In Paget's story, the director speaks of women's freedom, which has become complicated by being trapped in the shackles of concepts, shows it with great ease.

This film talks about women who never thought of themselves. The story proceeds so well that every part of the film is left with you. Another dialogue of the film is that whenever the girls are speechless, people think that she has gone mad. This is also the essence of the entire film. Read full review ...

Director- Umesh Bist

Artists - Sanya Malhotra, Ashutosh Rana, Shruti Sharma, Sheeba Chaddha, Sayani Gupta, Rajesh Telang, Raghubir Yadav, Chetan Sharma,

Rating - Three and a half

What a story

Is a middle-class family. Sandhya (Sanya Malhotra) is married for only five months and her husband Aastik dies. The entire house is inconsolable. But Sandhya is not able to feel sad. She is unable to shed tears. This is because even in five months, there is no relationship between Sandhya and her husband. Only formality remains. As is the case with all Orange marriages in India. Sandhya also comes across a truth that she has a girlfriend of her husband. The girlfriend (Sayani Gupta) knows more about her husband than Sandhya. Sandhya calls her friend Nazia and she does everything secretly, which she has not been able to do in five months. Here the earthquake in the house comes when the believer has left fifty lakhs of insurance in the name of Sandhya. Now there is talk of Sandhya getting married again. But what step does Sandhya take? The story has the same fun twist.

What good

What is interesting is that he is dead, he is discussed for a lifetime, but Sandhya is alive and nobody cares about her. Sandhya is the image of women who have married anywhere at the behest of their parents and then live on the terms of others. The director has shown that side of the girls closely in a very emotional way. The film's dialogue and the story's very raw treatment will entice the audience a lot, as well as the strong acting, will be liked.

The editing of the film is also good. Despite the film's climax, you go along with him in the story to see Sandhya's final decision. The eldest of the household is shown as a good dog as a watchdog. The cinematography of the film is also very good. Arijit Singh has also tried his hand at composing with Singing. The songs match the story.

What is bad

The story has progressed at a slightly slower pace. Even if the audience was aware of the back story of Sandhya's life, it would have been good.


Sanya plays a non-glam character in a very relaxed manner. His is the perfect casting. Apart from these, Sheeba Chaddha and Ashutosh Rana have sacrificed their lives in the role of the parents of the believer. Uffa how natural are these artists? Apart from these, there are many well-known actors like Raghuveer Yadav, Chetan Sharma, Rajesh Tailang which make the film more special.

Pagglait Dialogue

"Agar hum apana faisla khud nahi legen na...Toh dusre le legen"-Sanya Malhotra

"Sabko laga hum pagla gaye hain......Jab ladki log ka Akal aati hai an....Sab unhe Pagglait hi kehte hain"-Sanya Malhotra

"Bich nadi mein chalgen visrjan karne...boating karne thode na aaye hain"

Pagglait Songs

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