World Emoji Day 2021: Very interesting journey from the beginning

World Emoji Day

Emoticons are considered to be the ancestor of emojis. Before emoji, people in Japan used to communicate through emoticons. To say this, expressions were expressed through some numbers in the message, but gradually its craze ended, and then the era of emoji started.

A new style of expression, which we know as emoji. 'E' means 'picture' and 'moji' means 'character' i.e. to personify a word or feeling through a picture is called emoji.

Emoji day begins

World Emoji Day was started in 2014 by Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia. Since then, every year, 17 July is celebrated as 'World Emoji Day. The use of emoji first began in 1990, when on July 17, 2002, Apple used emoji for its Calendar app. 

For this reason, emojipedia has chosen July 17 as World Emoji Day. In the year 2012-2013, the use of emoji became so popular that in August 2013, the word emoji was also added to the Oxford dictionary.

Now emoji has become a great way to express emotions without words in a small digital image. Instead of writing long messages while chatting, you can now express your feelings in short by sending emojis. Currently, emojis are used more than 6 billion times a day on various social media platforms.

Most popular emoji

There are currently more than 3500 emojis available in the Unicode standard in the world. 'Face with Tears of Joy' is the world's most popular emoji, having been used over 2 billion times on Twitter alone.

The popularity of emoji can also be gauged from the fact that there are many apps on the internet that work as emoji settings makers and translators. Whatever be said, whatever the sentiment, these apps instantly translate into this new language of the digital world.

About 92 percent of the people living online use emojis and the most amazing thing is that from children to the elderly, from village to city, every person is using emojis openly.

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