Margherita Hack: Google Doodle on the 99th Birthday of the Famous

Margherita Hack

Google remembers the world's celebrities by making doodles on them. On June 12, Google has remembered Italian scientist Margherita Hack by making her a doodle. 

On the 99th birthday of Margarita Hack, she is remembered by Google. Margarita was an Italian astrophysicist, professor, author, and activist. He had a special interest in the science of asteroids, satellites, and stellar atmospheres.

Doodle based on the interest of the marketer hack

Margherita Hack is also called 'The Lady of the Stars'. Google has made an animated doodle because of his special interest in astronomy. The hack is sitting on a chair in the doodle and looking at the starry sky with her telescope. 

There is an asteroid named after Hack, which he has discovered. That is why it has been named 8558 Hack in his honor.


The activism of progressive thinking was considered an example of hack progressive thinking and she used to raise her voice for animal protection and the right to equality. 

The hack was born on 12 June 1922 in Florence. He took only one lecture in his life. After this, he turned his attention to the study of physics.

This great achievement

Markerita Hack did her seminal thesis on Cepheid Variables in Astrophysics. Which was based on his studies of his Arsatory Observatory. In 1964, she moved to Trieste where she earned the distinction of being the first Italian woman to hold a full professorship at the university.

Starry atmosphere

While studying the atmospheres of stars, Hack worked in particular on the chemical composition of stars, their surface temperature, and gravity. In the 1970s, he studied energy-related phenomena in the outer part of the star's atmosphere using ultraviolet data from the Copernicus satellite.

These two major awards

Hack also achieved the distinction of being the first female director of the Trieste Astronomical Observatory. His area of ​​expertise was the observation and assessment of the spectroscopic characteristics of stars. 

In 1994 he was awarded the Targa Giuseppe Piazzi Award for his scientific work. She also won the Cortina Ulysse Award in 1995.

The hack was very active in addition to science. She was particularly active in education as well as politics and social work. She did not believe in God but fully supported religious freedom to the people. 

The Italian government awarded the Dama di Gran Croce its highest honor on Hack's 90th birthday. Hack said goodbye to the world on 29th June 2013 at the age of 91.

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