Happy Friendship Day 2021 Wishes And Quotes

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day 2021 is celebrated in India every year on the first Sunday of August. Let us tell you that earlier International Friendship Day was celebrated on 30th July. 

This time Friendship Day is being celebrated in India on 2nd August. This time due to the Coronavirus, many friends will not be able to meet each other on this day, but you can also wish Happy Friendship Day by sending beautiful messages to your friends. This day is very special. 

It is said that almost everyone has a holiday on Sunday, due to which Friendship Day is celebrated on Sunday in India. Friends are very important in life, we like to share all our things with our friends only. Gifts are also given to friends on this day.

If someone wants so much, then tell... If

someone takes so much pride in you, then tell.

Everyone will do friendship with you,

tell me if someone plays like us.

happy friendship day

Kayaks also get shore in the storm,

where people also get support

, life is the sweetest in the world,

some friends like you are found dearer than life.

happy friendship day

A friend is not changed from me, even

if there is a million distance,

people change even to God, Happy Friendship Day

if one wish is not fulfilled

O Sudama,

teach me

some skill like you,

I too will get

a friend likes Krishna.

happy friendship day

Who will pay the friendship for every debt...

When we are no more than who will do friendship.

O God, keep my friend safe…

otherwise, who will pray for my life?

happy friendship day

Friendship is

also a wonderful thing, but it is also lucky for very few people,

who get hold of it in life,

understand that life is very close to them.

happy friendship day 2021

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