Why Are These Abcd Inverted in the Keyboard of a Computer.

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In the Corona era, IT, computer engineering, designing, media, management are a lot of sectors, who are working from home these days. Throughout the day, your fingers on the computer or laptop will be knocking, knocking. Even during work in the office, there is a lot of keyboard cracking. 

Your fingers must have sat on the keyboard of the computer or laptop now that you have already practiced it and you will be able to type quite fast now.

Now during the work, whatever you want to type, your fingers continue to reach the same buttons on the keyboard. Alphabet letters on the keyboard are not ABCD… etc, yet you continue to type conveniently continuously. 

If not now, in the beginning, you must have thought that why these buttons on the keyboard are not in alphabetical order? Why are these letters in Q, W, E, R, T, Y format rather than in A, B, C, D, E…?

Before computers and laptops, these letters are also in QWERTY format in typewriters and now also in our SmartPhone. 

Is there any rocket science behind this? How were keyboards before? And when and why would such a QWERTY format be designed? Let us know the answers to these questions here…

The same format in typewriter machines before computers or laptops

You look at a typewriter machine. There is only QWERTY format. This format of the keyboard was in practice even before the arrival of the computer or laptop. 

This style was designed by Christopher Latham Sholes. Letters were being used in the first typewriter in the year 1874. It was then known as Remington-1. But was this format in practice from the beginning or before that A, B, C, D used to be in order.

Before the QWERTY there used to be the ABCD model.

Previously Typewriter's keyboards were also in A, B, C, D format. But it did not speed up typing and it was also inconvenient. 

Many people did some experiments to increase typing speed, but the most successful model came out as QWERTY. This also made it easier to type, and speed also became good.

Why the format changed to ABW in QWERTY

Actually, because of the keyboard with ABCD, it was difficult to type on the typewriter. One is that its buttons were very close to each other, which made it difficult to type. The second reason was bigger.

There are some letters in English, which are more commonly used (eg E, I, S, M, etc.) and some words are rarely needed (like Z, X, etc.).

For these highly used characters, the finger had to be rotated all over the keyboard and the typing speed was very slow. Therefore, experiments started with this. Many attempts failed and then the QWERTY Format came in the 1870s. In this format, the necessary or most used letters have been set in the fingertips.

Dvorak came another model in the middle

When the experiments were being done to facilitate typing, another format came in the form of the Dvorak Model. Although this format was not popular with its Keys settings, this format was named after August Dvorak, who created it. However, this keyboard was not in the news for a long time. 

It was neither alphabetical nor easy from a typing point of view. People found the QWERTY model to be the most convenient. This is what people liked and this started to happen.

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