Review: Movie Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai 2021

Radhe Movie Review

Release Date: May 13, 2021, 

Platform: Zee5

Starring: Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Jackie Shroff

Director: Prabhu Deva

Producers: Salman Khan, Atul Agnihotri, Sohail Khan, Nikhil Namit

Music Directors: Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid–Wajid, Sanchit Balhara, Devi Sri Prasad

Story: The City Of Dreams Is In The Grip Of Mumbai Drugs. Rana (Randeep Hooda) Is The King Of This Drug Cartel. He Wants To Rule The City. Drugs Have Made The City Dirty And Its Cleanliness Is Necessary. 

Salman Khan (Radhe) Is A Suspended Police Officer. The Responsibility Of Cleaning Is Entrusted To Radhe.


Review: Salman Khan's 'Wanted' Was Released In 2009. Prabhu Deva Directed This Film. It Was A Remake Of The Tamil Film 'Poker. 'Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai' Is The Sequel To This Film. 

The Story Is Entirely On Mumbai. Salman Khan ( Salman Khan ) In His Usual 'Aunt Action Menu. Radhe Is An Encounter Specialist. He Has Had 97 Encounters And 23 Transfers In His Account In The Last 10 Years. 

Now That Mumbai Is Under The Grip Of The Drug Mafia, Radhe Has Come To Clean The City, That Too In Her Style. Radhe Also Has Time To Flirt Among The Fierce Miscreants Of Miscreants And The Powerful Help Of The Compulsions. He Fights Love With His Boss (Jackie Shroff) 'S Sister Dia (Disha Patni).


'Radhe Is A Typical Bollywood Film, Which Has Action, Drama, Comedy, Some Dialogues With One Punch. But The Fight Of Such Films Is With Only One Thing, That It Should Be Entertaining, There Is No Repetition In It As Well As Something New. 

Director Prabhu Deva Has Worked Hard For His Part To Serve The Audience Through The Film. However, The Film Also Derails In Many Places. 

But Due To The Dangerous Action And The Strong Villain, This Film Keeps You Hooked.

The Film's Debut Leaves An Impact On The Audience. One Rogue Curse Another Crook. 

There Are Several Scenes Of Confrontation Between Salman Khan And Randeep Hooda, Which Look Good. And Above All, There Is A Strong Action The Film's Debut Leaves An Impact On The Audience. 

One Rogue Curse Another Crook. There Are Several Scenes Of Confrontation Between Salman Khan And Randeep Hooda, Which Look Good. And Above All, There Is A Strong Action In The The film, Which Is New, Stylized Too And There Is A Lot Of Bloodsheds.


However, There Are Many Such Things In The Film That Distract You From This Blood And Blood. Disha Patani Is At The Forefront Of All This. She Is A Perfect Eye-Candy. 

She Makes A Glamor Of Glamor In The Film. But His Arrival Distracts The Film From Its Original Story. There Is A Credulity In The Character Of Disha, In Which Some Scope Is Visible. 

But In The Meantime, Songs Come In The Film, Whose Beats Do Not Fit You Between The Story And The Atmosphere. The Film Has Four Songs, Out Of Which The Title Track By Sajid-Wajid And 'Dil De Diya' (Himesh Reshammiya) Makes You Feel Good. 

The Film's Background Score Has Been Collected And Given By Ankit Balhara And It Leaves No Stone Unturned To Create An Atmosphere In The Film.


Prabhu Deva Shows Full Confidence In Salman Khan's 'Star Power', Style And Swag In This Film. Salman Has Not Disappointed Him Either. His Style And Action Avatar Thrill Him. Salman Also Gets Involved In The Dialogue. 

But Where The Action Is Strong, Only The Dialogue Films Are Installed. Salman's Chemistry With Disha Is Not Much. Salman Has Some Maajika Scenes With Jackie Shroff, Who Fails To Make An Impact.


Randeep Hooda Has Made His Mark On The Screen Every Minute In The Role Of Villain. There Are Many Villains In The Film, But Randeep Overshadows Them All. The Film Is A Hard-Core Action, But It Has Also Tried To Add A Put Of Comedy Through Dialogues And Situations. But Every Time It Laughed, It Is Not Necessary.


Overall, 'Radhe' Is A Film That Could Have Been A Tremendous Experience To Watch On The Big Screen, But Due To The Corona Pandemic, The Fans Of 'Bhaijaan' In India Are Sitting On TV On This Eid, Even On Their 'Most Wanted Bhai' 'Will Have To Be Seen. 

If You Are A Fan Of Action Films, Then You Will Like This Film. The Film Also Has Several 'CT Maar' Scenes. When Faced With Good And Evil, Salman's Fans Will Surely Feel Thrilled. In The Atmosphere Where We Are All Imprisoned In The Lockdown, Salman Khan's Fans Will Surely Laugh And Cheer Even In Such An Environment.

The Film Has Music By Sajid Wajid But The Lack Of Wajid Is Missing In The Songs

Music Director Wajid Died On 31 May Last Year. The Songs In This Film Of Salman Have Not Been As Good As The Ones To Be Remembered.


Radhe's Full Review Is Coming In A While
Salman Has Eliminated The Drug Mafia By Becoming Radhe
Randeep Hooda Has Become A Dangerous And Merciless Villain
Radhe Is Full Of Comedy, Salman Took Disha Patni's Number By Lying
Salman Khan's Banged Entry


The Issue Of Drugs Is An Important Story Of The Film

If The City College Children Are In The Grip Of Drugs, Then They Are Committing Suicide In Depression. Salman Has Become An Undercover Police Officer

The Film Has Started. Has Already Given The Disclaimer That This Film Is An Inspire From The Outlaw

The Outlaw Is A Korean Film

The Film Is Not Getting Very Good Reviews On Twitter.

It Is Being Told That The Film Is For A Few Fans Of Salman Khan. The Film Is Also Being Told To Be Made In A Hurry.

Radhe Has Great Action Scenes If You Are A Fan Of Salman's Actions, Then This Film Is For You

It Is Being Told That The Film Is Full Of 80 Percent Action Scenes And The Issue Of Drugs Has Been Raised In This Film. Which Was The Hottest Topic Of Bollywood After Sushant Singh Rajput's Death In 2020.


Salman's Film Radhe Is Going To Release On Geeplex And G5 From 12 Noon

Read This Live Review, Which Is Going To Start In A While.

Radhe Songs

Seeti Maar : Kamaal Khan, Lulia Vantur
Dil De Diya : Kamaal Khan, Payal Dev
Radhe Title Track : Sajid
Zoom Zoom  : Ash King, Lulia Vantur

Radhe | Trailer | Salman Khan | Disha Patani | Randeep Hooda | Jackie Shroff | Prabhudeva | 13 May

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