Revealed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Using Rival App Signal

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook (Facebook) is such a social networking site, on which everyone's account is maintained with photos and personal details. But how will you feel when you know that your data is not safe and it can be misused. The same has happened with Facebook's 6 million users, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's phone number was found in the leaked data of those 533 million Facebook users.

According to a report, other details of Zuckerberg such as his name, date of birth, location, marriage details, and Facebook users ID were also revealed in the compressed data. Now the new thing in this is that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg uses the Signal app.

Research has revealed that Zuckerberg uses the Signal app, keeping in mind its privacy, which also has the security of end-to-end encryption. The funny thing is that these apps do not belong to the company of Facebook. Security expert Dave Walker posted Mark's leaked phone number on Twitter with a screenshot stating, 'Mark Zuckerberg is on the Signals app.' In another tweet, Walker wrote, 'With the leakage of Facebook data of 533 million people, Mark Zuckerberg's details have also been leaked and this is a disturbing matter.

60 lakh Indian users affected

Of the 533 million affected users, 32 million are from the US, 11 million are from the UK and 6 million are from India. In addition to the contact number of the users in the leaked data, their details such as their location, full name, birth date, Facebook ID, and email address are included.

This disclosure comes at a time when many users unhappy with the new privacy policy of Facebook company WhatsApp are shifting to other options like signal and telegram. WhatsApp's controversial new service will be effective from 15 May 2021. The updated privacy policy describes how Facebook can access users' chats with a business account.

Private data from Facebook's other co-founders Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskowitz are also included in this hacked data. According to a Bloomberg report, the database of stolen phone numbers was posted in a hackers' forum and can easily be given to anyone with a basic computing skill. According to another security expert Alon Gall, the data was leaked in 2020, which was able to see the phone number associated with each Facebook account.

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