FAU G Mobile To Be Launched In India On Jan 26

FAU G Mobile Game

The previous year ie 2020 was in the news for the fame of PUB-G in India. There was a craze for this game from children to elders in India. Unfortunately, some accidents also occurred due to this game. Due to the Addiction regarding PUB-G for children, it was also banned for some time in some states of India and finally in the last months of last year, due to security reasons, many other Chinese apps including PUB-G were fully approved by the Government of India. Banned. But, in India, a second game is coming in place of PUB-G, named FAU-G. That is, FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARD

Games-lovers were a bit disappointed after the PUB-G was banned in India, but now the good news is that the game FAU-G made by the Indian company is going to be released in place of PUB-G. The game is being released on 26 January on the occasion of Republic Day. From 26 January this game can be downloaded from GOOGLE PLAY STORE and APLLE PLAY STORE. 

The developer of this game, Bangalore-based nCore Game, has announced this on Twitter. Actor Akshay Kumar has also announced the release of this game. Now its pre-registration is also being done. Within 24 hours of the announcement, the number of pre-registrants has crossed 1 million.

Inspired by the courage and valor of the Indian Army

Significantly, FAU-G was scheduled to be released in October-November last year, but due to some reasons, its release was delayed. Well, the wait for the game-lovers is about to end soon and now people can enjoy this game from 26 January. The theme of this game is based on the courage and valor of the Indian soldiers. 

Through this game, Indian children will be inspired by the courage and valor of the Indian Army. It is worth noting that 20% of the revenue coming from this game will be donated to the 'Bharat Ke Veer initiative issued by the Government of India. This is a good initiative and many people are liking this thing. Significantly, the 'Bharat Ke Veer initiative has been started by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for fundraising. This initiative was launched by Rajnath Singh and film actor Akshay Kumar.

The increasing craze of online games

Significantly, the outbreak of the corona epidemic has been going on in India for the last 10 months. Long-term full lockdown across the country caused damage to many sectors. It was in this lockdown that 'Work from Home' started. This is why activities on online platforms have increased in this corona epidemic. The long-term lockdown has shifted many sectors online. Each sector has made its presence felt on the online platform. 

Casinos in India such businesses have also shifted online. Meaning, gambling is now being played online in India. Considering all these things, it is being speculated that FAU-G will be well-liked in India because talking about India, the situation has not become normal here, people are still out of their homes. Exit has not started completely, so people will use FAU-G sitting at home for entertainment. Now it remains to be seen how much FAU-G can attract India's game-lovers. Whether it will compete with PUB-G or not, it will be a matter to be seen.

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