Why Become An Expert In Cybersecurity


Being a cybersecurity expert is one of the professions with the most future of the moment. Professionals foresee that the needs of experienced profiles in this field will grow in the coming years, causing a great void already today, since there are not enough individuals trained for the number of vacancies that are already needed.

The present and the future of the cybersecurity expert

Today, there are considered to be about 5 million cybersecurity experts available worldwide. However, the demand implies that a million more professionals in the sector are needed, and they still do not exist or do not yet have adequate training for this task.

However, as we say, current cybersecurity professionals are clear that there are not enough personnel with the required training to fill the number of vacancies that are already needed. In other words, it is a job related to digital transformation that has already become a reality and requires experts capable of responding to market needs.

What does a cybersecurity expert do?

With the growth of technology, cybercrime and cyber threats have also increased. Hence, ethical hackers who are experts in these issues who can install the necessary defenses in this regard are in high demand by governments, companies, and supranational entities.

A cybersecurity expert is a professional in constant training. Cyber-crime does not rest, hence those who protect companies, government websites, and others from these frauds and scams, as well as viruses and various malware, have to be up to the task and also continuously updated.

How to study cybersecurity

By now you will know that it is not possible to study cybersecurity as such. At the moment, this training is not officially available. However, its demand is so great that it is likely that it will not take long to establish it as a university degree.

But in the meantime, what can you do? It is possible to study computer security. How? It is simple, through the computer science careers themselves, whose training will be followed by a specialization in cybersecurity.

Given the specific demand for this training, the best, as we have said, is to study computer science, and then specialize in the fields of security. For this, there are various options, such as postgraduate and master's degrees that can be taken once the regulated and official higher education has finished.

By the time you can be considered a cybersecurity expert, you will have to continue with your continuous training to be aware of the new forms of cyber scams, the creation of malware, and other types of fraud and illegal acts that usually occur. on the internet, the online world, and computers and computers.

It should also be added that experts also recommend specializing in sectors such as criminology. It is important as you study cybersecurity that you understand how the mind of criminals works. In this way, you will have the power to understand their movements and stay one step ahead, to prevent possible attacks, hacks, and unethical actions.

The profile of the cybersecurity expert

In summary, the profile that is sought is that of a committed person, with high knowledge, specific competencies, and a higher empathic level, since this way they will know, not only the best way to solve problems and implement adequate security and control policies but also to understand the offender, enter his mind and anticipate his activities.

Therefore, the cybersecurity expert will demonstrate that they are in constant training, have extensive management skills, will be in perennial growth, and will be able to make bold and daring decisions to solve problems creatively and efficiently.

So, contrary to what you might think, this profile is quite extensive. It is not covered by pure and harsh computer studies. Much more is needed, skills are needed that are in high demand today, but not easily found. Combining management, analysis, empathy, and knowledge to give simple and efficient answers to complex problems is not easy.


Where to study computer security

If you do not know where you can study cybersecurity, take good note of the following places and masters that will be useful to you to be one of the experts in this field that are already being required globally.

Master in cybersecurity - Face-to-face and online - IMF Business School 

University Master's Degree in Information and Communication Technology Security - On-site -    Universidad Europea de Madrid

University master's degree in cybersecurity - On-site - Polytechnic University of Madrid

Master in Computer Security (UPC-VIU) - Online - the Polytechnic University of Catalonia -    Barcelona Tech / International University of Valencia


Master's degree in computer security - Online - International University of La Rioja UNIR 

Master in Cybersecurity - Online - Universidad Isabel I

Master's degree in cybersecurity - On-site - Universidad Carlos III Madrid

Master in Cybersecurity - Online - INESEM

Any of these courses offer a total of 60 credits, almost all being ECTS, and they last approximately one year. But all of them will give you an extra point on your path to professional cybersecurity experience.

What are you going to learn?

When you focus on your studies in cybersecurity, you are going to learn several very specific subjects. We know some of them:

Characteristics of local systems and information networks. You will analyze their vulnerabilities and how to avoid them.

Implementation of improvements in systems and web apps, as well as the creation of security networks.

Knowledge in biometrics with applications in virtual security.


Ethical hacking. What it is, what it is for, and how it is put into practice.

Security in a mobile system.

Understanding of computer forensics and auditing.

Application of knowledge in real situations.

Cybersecurity research.

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