Godzilla vs. Kong - Dawn of Justice

Godzilla vs Kong

Big monsters giving each other hostiles. For this we have come, for this, we have paid. The 21st century has left us Godzilla and Kong as two great neighborhood thugs, now on the same ring populated by sad and insignificant humans to see which of the two distributes more, and also, who destroys the world around him the most and it's supposed to protect.

Like 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters', this' Godzilla vs. Kong 'offers more or less what it promises, and also, coincidences of life, is more or less what you would expect: One of those beautiful blockbusters that make movie theaters rumble when it's time to have cakes. As if they had met in the park after class. And you more.

When it comes time to have cakes, at times, which is not always or at all times. Of course, there are a handful of more or less known humans out there trying to give some heart to what, on the other hand, does not have to have it. Big monsters giving each other hostiles. For this we have come, for this, we have paid. The room rumbled.

I'm blown away by the earpiece that Adam Wingard directed this movie, which could well have been directed by Michael Dougherty. As if Tom Holkenborg had composed the soundtrack instead of Bear McCreary. It doesn't matter that it doesn't matter, here the star is the department in charge of its visual effects. Bright. At the height of your budget.

At the height of a good movie theater, thank God for breathing and getting out of the house.

A good drama about humans being trampled like ants by monsters, with a first-rate audiovisual finish and perfectly packaged for under two hours, and where the possible stupidity and/or simplification of its plot development respond to a helpful value for the audience. And his delighted audience. It complies. Entertains. And it's cool.

The inherent in what, in essence, is a "street fighter" between Godzilla and Kong. Or a kind of bare-chested 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' in which Kong would play the dark knight and Godzilla the man of steel. With or without dawn and/or justice, that there is no post-credits scene that clarifies if this is the end of the MonsterVerse, which would be a shame.

Because movie theaters will never die while movies like this are being produced.

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