WhatsApp, will be able to find stickers according to the mood

Stickers According to Mood

Facebook family's messaging platform WhatsApp has given users a new 'sticker search' feature on both Android and iOS.

With the help of this feature being rolled out for all the users around the world, users will be able to search and send the right stickers according to their mood.

Currently, users have to scroll through the sticker packs on the app to choose the right emotion sticker.

Whatsapp gave information in the tweet

The messaging platform has been informed about the new feature from its official Twitter account.

While sharing a short video, WhatsApp wrote, 'Want to tell someone I love you? There is a sticker for this. Want to say, I know? There is a sticker for this too. '

Earlier, there was an option to search only emoji and GIFs on the platform and now the search bar for stickers will also be visible in the app.

Can import animated stickers

Earlier this month, it has been revealed in previous reports that users will also be able to send animated stickers on WhatsApp soon.

Animated stickers were being tested on the beta version for a long time and now users are going to get this feature.

According to the report, users from third-party sources can import animated stickers into the app and send them to their friends.

You can download third-party apps related to WhatsApp Stickers from Play Store.

Create custom WhatsApp stickers

A sticker maker has also been rolled out by WhatsApp in these three countries: India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

With this help, users can create WhatsApp sticker packs of their photos with third-party external apps.

After downloading this app, a video or GIF is to be selected from the camera roll of your phone, which the app turns into a sticker.

You can create sticker packs of many photos and use them in the app.

Features related to voice messages will be available soon

On WhatsApp, a new feature is being tested to enable users to listen to long voice messages easily and quickly.

With this feature being tested in the beta version, the speed of playing WhatsApp audio messages can be changed.

According to the reports, users will be able to choose between 1.0x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds.

Apart from this, the option to share Instagram reels can also be found in the app.

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