Nainital Tourism Guide 2020 | Top Things to Do

During quarantine, I’m in a phase of nostalgia, taking me back to memories of the past. Last year, in October, I traveled to Nainital with my Office mates. Although it was just an office trip, little did I realize that it will become one of the best ones in my life. By collecting all my experiences from the trip, here is a precise Nainital tourism guide that can help you in all ways possible. In this guide, you’ll find the top things to do, places to visit, and everything that you must try while traveling to Nainital. 

How to Reach Nainital?

The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam railway station, post which you’ll have to take a Volvo, a zeep, or a local bus as well. Since it is a hill station, there is no nearest airport to it, then Pantnagar. The most convenient mode of transport, in my opinion, is taking an overnight bus. To make the trip memorable, you need a good journey that can help you cherish all the little that you’re taking to the hills. 

Nainital – The City of Lakes and Mountains

Nainital is one of the precious gemstones of the Kumaon ranges of the Himalayas. The lush green town sits at a distance of 1938 feet. While in Delhi, all I’m surrounded by is the hustle and bustle of the vehicles in the crowded metropolitan. So, to escape for a while and enjoy the eternal beauty of the hills, Nainital is a perfect getaway for you. As you reach Nainital, you can witness the enormity of the mountains, the birds chirping on the deodar trees, locales carrying a hoop of green leaves on their heads, and the saints chanting sea-side. 

Nainital is a perfect balance of the holy and the dynamic. On the one hand, you can pray at the puranic temples with huge significance in the eyes of the devotees, while on the other, you can get a wide range of fun activities to do in Nainital. While strolling down the road, you get to see a picturesque view of the city with a serene lake running ahead of time, lush green meadows, glittery market-place set-up with rare artilleries that you can get back home as a souvenir to keep. While traveling in Nainital, there are several things that you can’t miss out if you want to add flavor to it. 

Best Places to Visit in Nainital

The best time to visit the Nainital is between April to June and then again in September and October. From January to March, the city remains covered up by snowfall. While traveling, there is a list of best places to visit in Nainital. If you’re waiting for the quarantine to get over and visit there sometime, this is a perfect guide for you. 

Eco-cave Garden

Adult fees: INR 20, Children: INR 10, Camera Fee: INR 25 

Located in Mallital, Eco cave gardens are a set of six small caves shaped like animals. The best time to visit is during the evening, as you can witness the musical performance of the caves with various audio and video effects.

Naini Lake

It is located amidst the township of the Nainital road. The Naini lake is a crescent lake that looks like an eye from the top of the hill. Since it stretches on a wider surface, there is a wide variety of adventurous activities that take place. You can get a boat ride for INR 250 per person, or have fun with the zorbing. Other fun activities on the mountains near Naini lake are Zip-Lining and Paragliding. Per person cost for the former is INR 300 and for the latter is INR 1000. Paragliding leads to the wide horizons of the sky and makes you feel as if the whole world has gone up-side down. To anyone visiting Nainital must try this activity for sure. 

Naina Devi Mandir

Recognized as a sacred temple and counted among the 51 shakti Peethas, rests on the side of the Naini lake. The temple gives a mythological feel as it has the idol of Devi Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. As per the stories, the temple is built on the same spot where the eye of goddess Sati fell while Lord Shiva was carrying her away from the yugna fire. The tranquil atmosphere of the temple makes you feel venerated. 

Snow-Point View

Standing at an altitude of 2270 meters above the sea level, the Snow-Point view provides you a panoramic view of the Himalayan range from a standstill of the hill. As one strides to this point, one can see three peaks, namely Nanda Devi, Trisul, and Nanda Kot. You can take an aerial cable-car across the mountain to the Mall road and enjoy the cinematic view. 


Also known as Dorothy’s seat, Tiffin-top is the photographer’s bliss because of its serene sight-seeing. One can do adventure activities such as rappelling and rock-climbing. The mountains remain surrounded by the Cher, Oak, and Deodar trees, also providing a majestic view of the Nanda Devi Temple.

Other places to visit in Nainital are:-


Governor’s House

Hanuman Garhi

Tibetan Market

Astronomical Observatory

If you’re a mountain-freak, you can also check out my Manali Tourism Guide to set your travel itinerary for the snowy-view of Manali.

Night-Life in Nainital

Since bars and pubs are more associated with the metropolitan, I recommend you to avoid finding one in Nainital. While traveling in the city of lakes, you can stroll down the Mall road, by the lake-side to view how it is all lit up, as if it is Christmas! I took along two of my girl-friends, bought a scoop of vanilla and black current, and took a cycle ride for two down the road. The cycle costs 300 for an hour, which is too little for the fun that it provides. Apart from that, you can even set up for a bonfire and hum your favorite songs all night long. 

Restaurants and Local Food in Nainital

Wherever you travel, you feel real-connection with the place when you get to taste the local food and cuisines. Being a hotspot of travelers from the different parts of the world, Nainital has nestled a variety of cuisines from North India, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Thai, and Tibetan, etc. However, if you’re looking for the local food to eat while traveling in Nainital includes the special pahadi noodles, Ras (a combination of a variety of dals), Baadi ki sag, Bhatt ki churkani, Aloo ke special Gutke, Arsa, Gulgula, and bal mithai. To eat good food, you need not find a luxurious restaurant, but a roadside Dhaba shall fulfill your purpose. The locales add their special pahadi flavor to whatever they prepare, which makes our experience tastier.

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