Government Will Provide Better Environment to Make Indigenous

The reign of Google and Apple is just ending, India will now make its operating system for smartphones

Indigenous Operating System for Mobile Phone: If you invest by planning instead of raising money for a long time, you can create a fund to buy a car in a short time. SIP is a better way for this.

In the case of the operating system, the reign of giants like Google and Apple is going to end soon. The Government of India is preparing vigorously to end the dominance of these companies. After this, Indian mobile phone users will not use the operating system made by these companies.

The government wants to make a domestic operating system. Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajiv Chandrasekhar says that the government wants to make an indigenous operating system for the industry as an alternative to Google's Android and Apple's iOS. It is planning to bring a policy to create a conducive environment for this.

Thinking about making a policy soon,

Chandrashekhar said that at present, two operating systems dominate mobile phones. First, Google's Android (Google Android). Second, Apple's iOS. Both these companies are operating the hardware environment as well. He said that there is no third operating system. Therefore, in many ways, there is a lot of interest at the level of the Ministry of Information Technology and the Government of India to create a new handset operating system. We are contemplating making a policy after talking to the people.

Know how important the operating system is, the

Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology said that the government is looking for capabilities within the startup and academic environment to develop an indigenous operating system. The operating system is the main software for the operation of any computer and mobile device. It is included in the entire hardware and software system for effective operation.

Preparations to increase the country's electronic

Exports It envisages increasing the electronics manufacturing in the country from the current level of $75 billion to $300 billion by 2026. Chandrashekhar said that this report is very accurate, which tells where the $ 300 billion will come from. What should the industry and the government do? At present, the country's electronics exports are about $ 15 billion.

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