Indian Navy Day 2021: Today 4th December Is Bhartiya Navy Diwas

Indian Navy

Indian Navy Day 2021: The Indian Navy is a very important part of the country's military strength. It plays an important role in protecting the country's maritime borders. The Indian Navy also plays an important role in strengthening India's international relations. Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December in the country to salute the bravery of the Indian Navy. 

The achievements of the Indian Navy are remembered on this day. The Indian Navy forced Pakistan to kneel during the Indo-Pak war of 1971. In memory of this achievement, the Indian Navy celebrates on 4 December. Presently the Indian Navy with its massive and advanced features ranks fourth in the world with the strength of the lens warships, Submarines. Know here 10 special things related to the history of the Indian Navy, its name, and its strength 

1. The Indian Navy is the maritime branch of the Armed Forces of India. It is headed by the President of India as the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. 

2. The 17th century Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhonsle is considered the father of the Indian Navy. 

3. Navy Day is celebrated every year with pomp at the Indian Navy's headquarters in Mumbai. Sailors show their valor by showcasing their skills. Gateway of India Beating Retreat Ceremony is organized.


4. Why this day is celebrated,

Pakistani army attacked our airspace and border area on 3rd December 1971. In retaliation, India launched 'Operation Trident. With this, the 1971 war also started. Then India targeted the headquarters of the Pakistani Navy in Karachi.

The attack was so powerful that the port of Karachi was destroyed and the fire started burning for seven days. This attack of India broke the back of the Pakistani army. Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4th December to remember the strength and bravery of the Indian Navy which achieved success in this war. 

5. In this attack carried out by the Indian Navy, 3 Vidyut class missile boats, 2 anti-submarine, and a tanker were involved. For the first time in this war, the ship was attacked with anti-ship missiles. Many Pakistani ships were destroyed in this attack. During this, the oil tankers of Pakistan were also destroyed.

6. The Indian Navy was established in 1612. The East India Company had formed an army in the form of the East India Company's Marine to protect its ships. By the year 1686, British trade had completely shifted to Bombay. After this, the name of this squad was changed from East India Marine to Bombay Marine. The Bombay Marine took part in the Maratha, Sindhi War as well as the Burma War in 1824.

7. In the year 1892, its name was changed to Royal Indian Marine.

8. After the independence of India, the Navy was re-formed in 1950 and it was named Indian Navy.

9. Indian Navy's strength

 Bharti Navy at a Glance

 World ranking: 4

 Total number of vessels: 285

 Aircraft career-1

 Fragments- 13

 Destroyer shipbuilding 10

 corvettes - 19

 Number of Submarines: 16

 monitors the number of vessels: 139

 Mine Warfare - 3

10. A short movie saluting the bravery of the Indian Navy

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