Tokyo Olympics Day 1 India Archery Live Updates

Tokyo Olympics Day

The Olympic Games have started after a long wait of five years. India's first match is of Archery, in which Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Praveen Jadhav, and Tarundeep Rai are targeted in the ranking round. Deepika Kumari finished at number 9 in the ranking round, while all the three archers were disappointed in the men's event.

According to Indian time, the opening ceremony of the Olympics will be held at 4:30 pm today. Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, only 18 players will be able to attend the opening ceremony from India. This time more than 11,000 athletes from 204 countries are participating in the world's biggest sporting event Olympics. This time 127 athletes are participating in the Olympic Games from India.


11:35 AM: Atanu, Praveen, and Tarundeep all disappointed in the ranking round of Men's Archery. This will now have an impact on mixed doubles as well. Praveen remained at number 31, while Atanu was at number 35. Praveen will now be paired opposite Deepika in mixed doubles. India has been ranked 9th in mixed doubles.

11:35 AM: Korea also won in the men's event. Deok Jae Kim of Korea topped with 688 points.

11:35 AM: Atanu Das, Praveen Jadhav, and Tarundeep Rai were disappointed in the men's ranking round. Praveen Jadhav was 31st with 656 points, Atanu Das 35th with 653 points, and 37th with 652 points.

10:21 AM: After the first half, India's Praveen Jadhav is at number 30 with 329 points, Atanu Das is at number 31 with 329 points and Tarundeep Rai is at number 45 with 323 points. The Indian archers have disappointed a lot in the first half. Now it has to be seen whether any of these three can make a comeback in the second round.

09:54 AM: After performing well in the first set, Atanu did not seem to be in good shape in the second and third sets. Atanu is at number 11 with a total of 168 points. Praveen Jadhav is at number 35 and Tarundeep Rai is at number 45.

09:41 AM: The match for the men's ranking round has started. Three archers from India are involved in this. Atanu Das has started well, with 58 points in the first set, Atanu is at number five. Tarundeep Rai is at number 31 with 55 points and Praveen Jadhav is at number 40 with 54 points.

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08:39 AM: Now there will be a ranking round of men's individuals in Archery, in which three Indian archers will participate. Atanu Das, who has been given target 20A, Praveen Jadhav, who has been given target 22A, and Tarundeep Rai, who has been given target 24A. 

07:35 AM: Korea's An San sets an Olympic record. She topped with a score of 680. She missed out on setting a world record by 12 points. The previous Olympic record was held by Ukraine's Lena Hersimenko, who scored 673 at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

07:30 AM: In the next round, Deepika will face Karma of Bhutan, who achieved her personal best score (616) in the ranking round today.

07:25 AM: Deepika Kumari ranked 9th in the ranking round. His overall score was 663. After the first half, Deepika was at number four, but she lost her momentum in the second half. His scores in the second round were 55, 53, 56, 58, 53, and 54 respectively.

07:15 AM: After four sets of the second half, Deepika Kumari is at number six. Deepika has a total of 556 points in her account. Deepika scored 56 and 58 in the third and fourth sets.

06:56 AM: In the first two sets of the second half, Deepika could only bring 55 and 53 points, due to which she is out of the top-5. In this way, Deepika has slipped from number four to eighth.

06:23 AM: Brilliant comeback from Deepika Kumari, after the first half her score is 334 and she has reached number four. After the first four sets of the first half, Deepika scored 59 and 57 points in the fifth and sixth sets.  

06:10 AM: After the first five sets, Deepika Kumari is in the 10th position. His score is 277. 

05:20 AM: World number-1 archer Deepika Kumari has been given target 47A in the initial list. 

05:10 AM: On the first day of the Tokyo Olympics, four Indian archers will be on the field in the archery event. Deepika Kumari will enter the women's individual ranking round, while Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai, and Praveen Jadhav will enter the men's individual ranking round.

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