What Is New Covid Delta Plus Variant, Symptoms And Precautions

Covid Delta Plus

Coronavirus: People are in panic due to the new Delta Plus variant of Corona. The new delta variant is the fastest spreading virus. In such a situation, you need to be very careful. Know its symptoms and prevention

Corona Delta Plus Variant: People have not even recovered from the havoc of the second wave of Coronavirus that now the new Delta Plus variant of Kovid has knocked in India. This new Delta Plus virus is spreading rapidly. 

Several cases of new Delta Plus have been reported in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. In such a situation, panic is being seen among the people one after the other. Know what is the new Delta Plus variant of Corona and what are its symptoms.  

What is the new Delta Plus variant of Corona? 

The new Delta variant of Corona i.e. B.1.617.2 was first found in India. Now gradually its cases are coming to the fore in many other countries as well. 

Due to changes in the form of the coronavirus, the Delta Plus variant has been made. Let us tell you that this virus was first found in Europe. 

The spike protein is the main part of the coronavirus. With the help of which this virus spreads infection by entering the body from human beings.

The most dangerous thing about this new variant of the Delta Plus variant Corona is that it is the fastest spreading of all the variants so far. Although the alpha variant is also very fast-spreading, the delta variant is 60 percent more contagious. 

The kappa variant, similar to Delta, is also successful in dodging the vaccine. Although it did not spread much. But now the super-spreader Delta variant has scared people. 

Symptoms of Delta Plus Variant of

Corona 1- Many different symptoms are also being seen in the new Delta Plus variant of the Coronavirus. 

2- The common symptoms of the Delta Plus variant of Korana are fever, dry cough, and fatigue. 

3- In the severe symptoms of the Delta Plus variant of Korana, symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, and shortness of breath are showing.

4- Apart from this, symptoms like skin rashes, changes in the color of toes are also visible.

5- Common symptoms include sore throat, loss of taste and smell, headache, and diarrhea.

How to avoid the Delta Plus variant of Corona?

1- Wear a double mask when you step out of the house.

2- Only leave the house when necessary.

3- Keep washing hands repeatedly with soap for 20 seconds.

4- Follow social distancing, keep a distance of 6 feet from people.

5- Keep the things in the house and the surrounding places clean and keep disinfecting. 

6-Disinfect salmon coming from outside and do not touch immediately.

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