Whatsapp Sues India Govt, Says New Rules Mean End to Privacy


The world's most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) has complained to the Delhi High Court against the Indian government for new media rules, this information has been received from media sources.

New Delhi. Country and in the world Votsaep ( WhatsApp ) is the most popular instant messaging app and only users have millions in India. 

Now WhatsApp has filed a complaint in the Delhi High Court against the Government of India against the rules coming into force on Wednesday. 

In this complaint, WhatsApp has demanded from the government that new regulations should not be implemented. Thus the Facebook unit will be forced to break the privacy policy.

WhatsApp has given this argument in this complaint asking the Delhi High Court to declare that the new rules are a violation of privacy rights in the Constitution of India. 

According to the new rule, whenever the government asks for information from social media companies for the first time they share the information, they will have to reveal their identity. According to the law, WhatsApp needs to share only the information of the accused of wrongdoing. 

But the company said that it cannot do this because the messages are encrypted end-to-end. They say that to follow the new rule, they must first break the message encryption to extract information from those who share the information.

New rules will break end-to-end encryption

A WhatsApp spokesperson said that 'messaging apps will need to trace chats, for which we have to keep fingerprints of every message sent to WhatsApp which will break the end-to-end encryption. In this way, the privacy rights of our users will end. 

We have been continuously involved in every protest that will violate the privacy rights of our users. During this time, we will continue the dialogue with the Government of India to keep people safe.

The tension between government and companies increased

  • At present, there is no information about when the High Court will hear the issue. The lawsuit has led to conflict between the Indian government and their market giants, including Facebook, Google's parent company Alphabet and Twitter.

  • Let me tell you that the tension increased after the police went to the Twitter office earlier this week. The Twitter service labeled the post as manipulated media by the spokesperson of the ruling party and others, including the inclusion of fake content in it.

  • The government pressured tech companies to remove misinformation on the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to remove criticism of the government's response to the crisis, claiming thousands of lives every day.

  • The new rules were introduced by the government in February and were given 90 days to implement, so no action was taken by the companies.

If the solution is not found then the threat to the existence of companies in India,

If there is no reconciliation between the companies and the Government of India on these issues and during this time the companies are unable to follow these rules, then their existence may be in danger in India. 

WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook and other tech companies have invested heavily in India. Facebook says the company has agreed to most of the provisions. But some aspects are still being negotiated. Twitter has come under the most criticism at this time but declined to comment.

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