Miss Universe: Miss Universe Made by Mexico The Indian Contestan

Miss Universe 2021 has ended. Indian contender Castalino has missed out on winning this competition. He made his place in the top 5.

Miss Universe 2021

Miss Universe:
 Miss Universe 2021 has been finalized and Mexico has got its Miss Universe. While Miss India Adaline Castalino made it to the top-5. Now Adeline Castellino's heartbreak has left Indian fans heartbroken. Fans were very hopeful that this time India will get the title of Miss Universe.

Before the reveal of the winner of this competition, the fourth runner-up was declared Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Jimenez. While the third runner-up has been Miss India Adaline Castellino. Simultaneously, the second runner-up is Miss Peru Genique Marchetta.

Mexico got the title

The final two contestants were Brazil's Julia Gama and Miss Mexico Andrea, but it was Meja who was the winner. Miss Mexico Andrea Meja has been announced as the new Miss Universe. She has been dressed gracefully after this Meja made her first step on stage as Miss Universe 2020.

Who is Meja

According to Meja's Instagram account, she is the ambassador of Chihuahua Tourism. Not only this, she works as a software engineer. Meja also owns her self-titled athletic clothing brand Andrea Meja Activewear.

Adeline Castellino's Broken Dream

Indian contestant Adeline Castelino named Taj by winning LIVA Miss Diva 2020 contest in a great way. She works with welfare organizations. PCOS is also the face of the Free India campaign. Adeline Castelino was born in Kuwait but settled in India at the age of 15. Adlin also works for women and the LGBT community. Now her dream of becoming Miss Universe is broken. Although people are appreciating him that he made his place in the top 3.

Delayed competition

Last year, the Miss Universe winner was South Africa's Jojibini Tunji. The Miss Universe contest is broadcast live from Hollywood, Florida. In this case, this time the competition was delayed due to COVID-19. Jojibini Tunji is the longest-reigning Miss Universe in the history of the competition.

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