Irfan Pathan Wife Safa Baig Got Hate Messages On Social Media

Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan, the former Team India all-rounder, is very active on social media. Irrfan's wife Safa Baig keeps masking the pictures shared on social media. 

Recently, a photo was shared on social media of Irfan Pathan's son Imran Pathan, in which Safa Baig did not have a mask, but his face was blurred by editing. Fans commented furiously on this photo. Irfan Pathan was heard for this photo.

In this photo, Irfan, his son, and his wife are seen in all three. This photo was taken during the Road Safety World Series. Irrfan and Imran do not wear masks in the photo. 

Safa Baig has not even put on a mask, but the photo is edited in such a way that it seems that he has put on the mask. After all the ugly comments, Irfan Pathan put his point in front of the people through a post and also responded to the trollers.

He wrote, 'This photo is shared by my wife from our son's account. We are getting a lot of hate comments on this photo. Let me share this photo here too. He has blurred this photo of his own free will and yes I am his partner and not his boss. His life is his wish. '

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