Covid-19 Vaccine Export Unlikely To Resume Until October

Covid Vaccine

According to sources, India is unlikely to resume the export of vaccines at least until October amid a shortage of Covid-19 Vaccine.

Indian government's big decision regarding Corona Vaccine, a vaccine will not be exported until October!

Amid the growing infection of Coronavirus in India, many states are claiming a shortage of Covid-19 Vaccine. Given this, now the export of vaccines is unlikely to be resumed at least till October and they will be used in the country. Three sources attached to the government gave information about this matter.

India has exported 6.6 million vaccines

Let us know that India, which is facing the worst phase due to the Coronavirus crisis, had stopped the export of Corona Vaccine a month ago. Earlier, India had sent more than 6.6 crore doses to other countries.

Government sources said that the government's move to supply vaccines worldwide, 'Covax' is likely to cause significant damage. Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many African countries are now getting upset to get the vaccine after the vaccine exports stopped from India.

India will give priority to vaccination campaign in the country

Sources who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity said that they are not authorized to talk to the media on the subject. He said that India will now prioritize the vaccination campaign in its country, as the number of coronaviruses infected here has exceeded 25 million and the death toll is creating new records every day.

A source said of the decision to stop exports, "We do not need to officially tell all countries, because we are not obliged to do so." "It has been discussed internally and some countries have been told not to expect export commitments given the current Indian situation," he said. However, the source did not say which countries are those who have been informed about the delay in vaccine supply.

Corona infects number 25 million in the country

According to the Union Health Ministry, 2 lakh 63 thousand 533 people have been infected with Coronavirus in India in the last 24 hours, while 4329 people died during this period. 

This is the highest number since the onset of the epidemic (Record Coronavirus Death). After this, the total number of corona infected in India has increased to 2 crores 52 lakh 28 thousand 996, while 2 lakh 78 thousand 719 people have lost their lives.

According to the data, 4 lakh 22 thousand 436 people have been cured in the last 24 hours across the country, after which the number of people recovering from Kovid-19 has increased to 2 crores 15 lakh 96 thousand 512. 33 lakh 53 thousand 765 people are being treated all over the country.

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