Brett Lee and Pat Cummins the Estonian

Brett Lee

The Estonian Cricket Association (ECA) has provided financial assistance of one lakh rupees for medical facilities to India battling the Corona epidemic. The Estonian Cricket Association has said that it has been inspired by the financial support given by Australian players Pat Cummins and Brett Lee and has therefore decided to help the bitcoin by one lakh rupees.

Cummins has deposited Rs 37 lakh in PM funds. Brett Lee has also given Rs 41 lakh to the PM fund.

Now the question arises that financial assistance of only one lakh rupees? So it is important to know that the Estonia Cricket Association does not own 15 thousand crore rupees like the BCCI. It is a poor institution but despite this, it has done its best to help.

ECA has said in its message issued in the name of India that it is hoped that the situation in India will improve soon. Indians should stay at home during this period, stay safe. Wear a mask and wash your hands.

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