These Eight Mobile Apps Can Empty Your Bank Account, Delete Them Immediately

Android Apps

There are often reports of malware or viruses about Android smartphones. A few days ago, Google removed about 150 such Android apps from its Play-Store which were showing users a lot of ads and were installing malware apps on their phones through those advertisements. In the meantime, another report has come out in which eight popular Android apps have been described as very dangerous for the phone. These apps can infiltrate your bank accounts through your phone. Let's know about these apps

According to a new report by security research firm Check Point, these apps have been placed in the category of malware dropper. All these apps have a malware dropper (malware delivery) named 'Clast82'. The thing to fear here is that this malware app has been specially designed in such a way that it can easily dodge the Google Play Protect.

For example, any one of these eight apps can install AlienBot Banker on your phone, which is malware. With this malware, a hacker can insert suspicious code into the banked app on your phone. Apart from this, MRAT can also be installed on your phone through which your phone can be remotely controlled.

Through both these programming, you can hack a bank app and withdraw money from your account. The special thing is that two-factor authentication can also be broken through both this malware. Now let's know about these eight apps.

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