The Barca Recreates With Messi

Leo Messi

Barça is packed in LaLiga with Messi as top scorer: 21 goals. That nightmare of Carranza in December has become a fantasy after overflowing Huesca. With the bottom down, the leadership is no longer an impossible goal because with 11 days to go to finish the championship, the Barcelona team is four points behind Atlético. He has not lost since December, when he was stunned in Cádiz, and has 11 victories in 12 games, undefeated in 2021. Although the trajectory invites optimism, Koeman speaks like Simeone, not even because of the closeness of the two teams, and fights the delusions of greatness with an exercise in realism. “You have to go game by game; today the sun rises and tomorrow it may rain ”, says the Barcelona coach.

It is not surprising therefore that Koeman had the same

line-up against Huesca as against PSG. Perhaps it was the best way not to

detract from the last of LaLiga. It is also an unequivocal way of proclaiming

that he has no doubts when the decisive phase of the season begins, which also

includes a Cup final. The Camp Nou game, however, had nothing to do with the

one in the Parc des Princes. The Catalans played without tension and also

without any hurry, little demanded by the boys of Pacheta, who reinforced their

containment system with Doumbia in Seoane's position. Barça's sufficiency was

endorsed when Messi contacted the ball after receiving from Busquets, enabled

by Mingueza's anticipation.

Messi's play was precious from the beginning to the end,

for the fan and the viewer to recreate, for the control-oriented to avoid

Pulido, for the driving with which he eliminated Siovas, and for the screw shot

that was impossible for Álvaro. The ball entered the right-hand corner and hit

the crossbar twice, as if it were ringing, to celebrate Rosario's 20th goal - a

figure he has reached for the 13th consecutive season - the day that equaled

Xavi is the player with the most games played with the Zamarra. Blaugrana: 767.

The definition was so poetic that it provoked the envy of Griezmann, sterile in

In the last 9 games: the Frenchman's shot from outside the area was equally

beautiful and also came in from the right angle of Huesca's goal.

A penalty without VAR

The goals embellished a relaxing game for Barça. Although

there was no depth, the Catalans comfortably governed the game with the

deployment of De Jong and aimed well at Álvaro - there was a shot at the

crossbar by Jordi Alba. Barça's placidity ended when the first half was over

and the referee whistled a surprising penalty from Ter Stegen to Rafa Mir. The

goalkeeper stretched out his hand while the leather left the field and the

referee interpreted that he contacted the Huesca striker. Rafa Mir himself

transformed the shot from eleven meters to the anger of Koeman, the protests of

Messi, and the silence of the VAR. The action forced Barça to take extreme

defensive vigilance, previously neglected in a clear arrival by Maffeo, only

against Ter Stegen.

The penalty for a moment conditioned the game and also

the referee in an easy match to whistle until 2-1. The initial script, however,

was recovered very soon, at the exit of a corner thrown short, when Messi

crossed and Mingueza headed in the small area, poorly defended by the rear of

Huesca, a team that allowed Barça to play and regulate. The Catalans

surrendered to a not very serious round trip and that consequently led to some

frank arrival of Huesca and the auctions of the omnipresent Rafa Mir, who

forgave the 3-2. There was no rigor in Barcelona football, the full-backs hardly

participated and neither did the ambush Dembélé unbalance.

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