Oscars 2021: Nominees For Best Actor

Nominees For Best Actor

A movie legend and pop culture myth that went too soon sounded like favorites to enter the quintet of the best male performances of the year. And the predictions have come true. These are the nominees to get the statuette in the category of Best Leading Actor.

Anthony Hopkins ('The Father')

From the presentation of ' The father ' at the Sundance Film Festival last January, it was clear that Anthony Hopkins would be the rival to beat in the following awards season. 29 years after his Oscar for ' The Silence of the Lambs ', the English actor aspires to get his second consecutive nomination (after his candidacy for his performance as Pope Benedict in ' The Two Popes ') and the sixth of his career for Florian Zeller's film debut, a French playwright who has swept wherever he has gone with his homonymous play. 

The main character is a scathing, somewhat mischievous 80-year-old man who has stubbornly decided to live alone, despite the speed with which his mind is turning against him. Robert Hirsch, Kenneth Cranham, and Frank Langella have already received the most important theater awards in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, respectively, for playing this character. Can anyone stop Hopkins from taking the Oscar next April? After the passage of 'El padre' at the San Sebastian Festival, we doubt it. The film, co-starring Olivia Colman, opens in our country on December 25.

'The Father', Anthony Hopkins captivates the public of Donosti and goes straight to the Oscars

Chadwick Boseman ('The Mother of the Blues')

On August 28, the most unexpected news in a year plagued by them was announced. Chadwick Boseman had died at the age of 43, a victim of cancer that he had dealt with during all his commitments to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a series of films that had made him a recognized face around the world. His tragic death coincided with an unbeatable moment in the actor's career: despite his illness (unknown among the industry and the general public), Boseman had not slowed down and in 2020 he was going to release two new projects with Spike Lee and the playwright George C. Wolfe

Weeks after his death, Netflix surprised industry experts when he confirmed that Boseman would be nominated for an Oscar in the category of best leading actor for his performance in 'The Mother of the Blues, a drama set in the soul industry in which he shares the scene with Viola Davis. The actor, who will go down in history as ' Black Panther ', a character who showed the African-American community what it was like to see a superhero on screen who looked like him, plays an ambitious trumpeter named Levee. 

Boseman's work has been acclaimed by The New York Times, which has claimed that we are looking at the next best actor Oscar winner. It would be the third time that an interpreter wins a statuette posthumously, following in the footsteps of Pete Finch and Heath Ledger. Others, like James Dean (twice), Jeanne Eagles, Massimo Troisi, and Ralph Richardson, stayed in the simple nomination.

Gary Oldman ('Mank')

Gary Oldman spent thirty years forging an identity as one of the best and riskiest character actors in the industry until suddenly the Academy seemed to discover his talent and began to be included in their lists of the best of the year. Nominated for ' The Mole ' and Oscar winner for ' The Darkest Moment ', the Winston Churchill biopic, Oldman has a new chance to compete for the statuette with ' Mank ', David Fincher's first film in six years. 

The Englishman travels to 1930s Hollywood to become the scathing social critic and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, co-writer of ' Citizen Kane ' alongside himself. Orson Welles. Fincher's work is not usually designed around his actors, but Jesse Eisenberg, Brad Pitt, and Rosamund Pike have already reached the Oscars thanks to their films. Oldman has many ballots to join the exclusive club. 'Mank' hits Netflix on December 4.

Riz Ahmed ('Sound of Metal')

' Four Lions,' ' Nightcrawler,' ' The Sisters Brothers ' and the HBO miniseries ' The Night Of ' (for which he won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor) made it clear that Riz Ahmed was destined for something much greater than being. one of those racialized actors who, unfortunately, Hollywood only allows to interpret stereotypes. In ' Sound of Metal'This Londoner of Asian ancestry plays Ruben, a drummer who begins to lose his hearing dramatically. 

His promising future hangs in the air as he faces a painful prospect: his deafness may be hopeless. To adjust to his new situation, Ruben moves to a deaf community without the company of his girlfriend. Since its presentation at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival (where the construction of "a hottie character that Ahmed subtly confronts from observation and gestures, fleeing from melodrama" caught our attention) 'Sound of Metal' became a title to follow when it is released. We already have a date: December 4 on Amazon Prime Video.

'Sound of Metal': an exemplary drama about a musician who goes deaf

Steven Yeun ('Minari')

Incredible as it may be because of the historic triumph of ' Parasites ' at the last edition of the Oscars, South Korean cinema had been systematically ignored by academics. ' Minari. Historia de mi Vida claims that the approach to oriental cinema is not something exceptional, but the new normal. Lee Isaac Chung took home the two biggest awards at the Sundance Film Festival - the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award - thanks to the story of a Korean-American family who moves to a small Arkansas farm in search of their own. 

American dream. Steven Yeun (Glenn in the first seasons of ' The Walking Dead') plays the patriarch, a character with whom he has continued his love affair with American critics: two years ago his portrayal as the magnetic villain of' Burning 'earned him several awards from critics, including that of the influential association of The Angels. 'Minari' hits Spanish cinemas on March 12.

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