Our Cinema Is Changing from the Root

Cinema Is Changing

It is clear from the continuous announcements of the launch and release of the films that the members of the film fraternity remained active even during the critical period of the epidemic. He paid attention to the upcoming preparations in the time that the outdoor activities ceased. This is the reason why producers are excited about the opening of the theater at 100% capacity, the launch of Kovid Teeka and sporadic shoots have started the release dates and announcements of new films. This rain in a dry recreation ground will soon bring a crop of films to the audience. The special thing is that this time a new sharecropper will also be present as OTT.

Last year the cinema market did not get busted despite being allowed to open a theater with a capacity of fifty percent. Theaters were operational, but the audience and films remained tight. Now the situation seems to be normal. On 17 February 2021, Yash Raj Films, the leading production company, announced the dates for its five films to be released in 2021. Along with this, other producers eager for the release of their respective films also started to ensure instant release dates. So far, release dates of more than 75 films have come.


According to the release calendar, many big and small films are colliding on Friday. About 25 films will be released from 12 to 26 March in this month itself. Now you can guess how many viewers will get these films in the theater. Most of these films have unfamiliar and new actors. Certain films like 'Roohi' (Rajkumar Rao and Jahnavi Kapoor), 'Sandeep and Pinky absconding' (Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra), and 'Mumbai Saga' (John Abraham) have familiar and popular faces. The presence of the audience in these films will decide what will happen next. Nevertheless, the producers fearlessly stand in line with their films.

There is an expectation that from April the situation will start to return to normal, as a large part of the audience will be vaccinated. The first sign of hope this year was from Tamil film Vijay's film 'Master' released on the occasion of Pongal. Vijay was also suggested to come to an OTT platform, but seeing the enthusiasm of his fans, Vijay went to the theater with 'Master'. His confidence worked. The film did a business of over 250 crores in the first two weeks. With this, the film came to OTT within three weeks, reducing the gap of theatrical online release. Please tell that the makers of the Hindi film Shaadi Mein Sure Aana tried to reduce the gap, then the theater owners had reduced the shows of the film. This grandeur of theater owners is over now.

Considering investment and profits in new situations, an understanding is developing between producers, theater owners, and OTT platforms. The last few films released in theaters have indicated that the audience is not ready to go to theaters for general category films. The imperative of OTT in the era of the epidemic has changed the interest of the audience. His visual experience and understanding have expanded by watching films, web series, and shows from India and abroad. The audience's dependence on film and TV shows for entertainment is over. The audience is watching Variety. Probably keeping in mind the changing interest and trend of Indian viewers, Netflix recently announced the production of 41 films and shows. These include 13 films, 15 web series, 6 comedy shows, 4 documentaries, and 3 reality shows.

OTT will acquire a significant share of the entertainment business in the coming times. The increasing number of subscribers to all OTT platforms in the last months is strong proof. Filmmaker Karan Johar, who was present at the official announcement of Netflix, clearly stated that the audience will now go to the theater only for the event and grand films. Based on the publicity of the films and the information received, they will decide whether to watch the movie in the theater or wait for it to come on the OTT platform. On the other hand, the OTT platform will continue to buy and stream movies as original content. Most of the 13 films announced by Netflix are in Hindi and have popular stars like Karthik Aryan and Taapsee Pannu.

It is also important to note that the producers of these films are regulators of the film industry. Karan Johar told about Dharma Production's film Meenakshi Sundareswarar that it is a love story. Earlier it was planned as a theater film, but we realized that the audience is not interested in going to the theater and watching love stories. We changed our decision. He insisted that the director is no longer making love stories.

This is an important genre shift from the perspective of Hindi films. We all know that for decades Hindi films have predominantly been love stories and they have also had a progressive social role in the historical context. Undoubtedly, 2021 will be a year of trial and experimentation for the world of entertainment in Indian society gradually opening up after Kovid-19. The traditional attitude of the audience towards film and entertainment has changed. Producers-directors have become more conscious. They are trying to impress the interest of a changing audience. In this period of transition and change, the concern is also emerging that the Indianness and localism of Indian films should not be extinct. In the course of going global, we should not lose our local strengths and strengths.

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