How To Pass An Online Job Interview?

Pass Online Job

Do you have an online job interview and you don't know how to face it? In this article, we tell you the best tips for you to cut the interview. 

Online job interviews have become a recurring theme among recruiters and candidates, especially since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Here are the best tips to help you succeed in your next online job interview.

What is an online job interview?

After declaring the state of a global pandemic in March 2020, the use of video calls increased by 62%. Thus was born a new reality of group meetings and conversations between friends through a camera but, especially, the increase in online job interviews.


Although you may know what it is about (and have even had more than one meeting in recent months), the online job interview consists of a meeting between recruiter and candidate through programs such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, among many others. A new form of hiring that does not require so many alterations compared to the traditional interview.


“What changes is the presence, and that is always important because it gives you different information. Neither better nor worse, just different ”, assures Mariona González, Business Development of Ad Quali Talent Search. 

Advantages of online interviews 

Increased flexibility

Online job interviews are not subject to a specific time and place. People can connect from anywhere on the planet and within a specific schedule that benefits and allows flexibility for both parties, aspects that facilitate the meeting.


Several people can participate

Several people can also participate in a face-to-face interview, but specifying the same time and presence is not always easy. Thanks to an online group interview, it is possible to have a recruiter located in Chile, a candidate in Spain, and a chief executive in Colombia meeting through the same support. 

Review of the interview

face-to-face interview is not usually recorded, but an online interview is, as long as there is consent from the candidate. This advantage allows you to re-analyze the questions, answers and form an in-depth opinion thanks to the recording of the interview.

Disadvantages of an online job interview


Technical failures

It is the main problem with online interviews. Whether due to server failures, a user's Internet connection, or changes in application policy, technical glitches can disrupt the pace of the interview and even make a bad impression on the recruiter. 

Loss of body language

The information that a candidate transmits will never be the same in a face-to-face interview as it is online. The gestures, the looks, and the naturalness that the physical encounter does bring are not always reflected in the same way in an online job interview.


How do online job interviews work?

Online interviews work through your chosen video calling app. After agreeing with the candidate a specific date and time, the recruiter enables the keys to enter the meeting and thus be able to carry out the interview process.

10 tips to do an online job interview well


In order, we suggest the best tips to succeed in your job interview : 

Analyze yourself

Create your own SWOT (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, and Opportunities). Be honest with yourself and write the appropriate responses. Then analyze the result and try to improve those aspects that you consider weakest. Use this complete SWOT template with questions in Excel.


Research the company

Try to get to know the company that could hire you as well as possible after that interview. Check their social networks, their website, customer reviews, products ... Show during the meeting that you know them well and thus make a positive impression on the recruiter.


Learn to speak in public

Our mind is not always in line with our body, something that may surprise you during the interview. But by then, it may be too late. For that reason, we recommend that you practice these best answers in a job interview. If the interview is in another language, try to read news or texts from a book aloud. For example, you can try reading Modern Love essays in English, published in The New York Times. This will give you greater security to approach the meeting.


Take care of your image (and that of your office)

They say that the first impression is decisive, especially in job interviews. If you are going to make a video call, try to show off your best clothes and adopt the same appearance with which you would present yourself to a traditional job interview. In addition to gaining self-confidence, you will cause a good opinion from the recruiter. This also implies taking care of the image of the office or place from which you do the interview, so we recommend keeping that space clean and, above all, taking care of the background! You can incorporate plant or work items that confirm your activity (a well-ordered blackboard or books, for example).


Perform the "technological" checks

It is time for the interview, but you send an email to your recruiter to inform him that your computer is not compatible with the suggested video calling application. Error case! Make sure you update all the necessary tools, from downloading or updating Zoom to the text managers, check that you manage with the "Share screen" option, the browser, and all the elements related to connectivity and the technological capacity of your team.


Use headphones

They are more reliable when conducting an interview compared to loudspeakers, which show more distortion or background echoes. Also, try to get a discreet headset that does not distract the interviewer.

Do not be late

Being late for a job interview is something not recommended both in a face-to-face interview and online since it can say a lot about you and cause a first (and decisive) bad impression. Check the time and try to be prepared before the recruiter in front of the computer.


Maintain good body language


Our body language is a mirror of ourselves since it projects our security, concerns, and reasoning. If you have an online job interview, try not to move too much in the chair, smile all the time, and, important! Maintain eye contact with the recruiter, otherwise, you are showing a possible lack of interest. Of course, look at your phone for sure and maintain good postural hygiene (don't feel too much, but don't look tense either). Guada Molina tells us about his methodology about this and other steps, in addition to focusing on the importance of a good image and voice projection.


Be discreet when taking notes

During the interview, you may need to make annotations in a notebook or even review notes. Something necessary that requires your total discretion. Performing these gestures can indicate that you are involved, but it can also inspire an (erroneous) lack of interest in the interviewer.


Make a good closing

Whatever the future outcome, it is important to make a good last impression on the recruiter. Thanking the team for the opportunity to hold this meeting, agreeing on the next actions in the event of a proposal, and, of course, maintaining good body language is vital.


Prepare the questions for a second interview

If you have been called back for a second job interview, it means that you have applied many of the steps above. Now you can start preparing these typical questions for a second online interview.

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