Facebook Happy Holi 2021 Avatar Use In Holi 2021 Wishes

Facebook Holi Avatar

Facebook Happy Holi 2021: Holi festival. In such a situation, you can prepare your avatar on Facebook and use it in Happy Holi.

Facebook Happy Holi 2021: On social media giant Facebook, most people will be seen wishing for Holi, but if you want, you can wish Holi this year in a different way. For this, Facebook has launched new avatar stickers in Holi style.

Facebook avatar is special in itself. Facebook users can use it as an animation sticker that looks like it. The special thing about this is that Facebook gives its skin tone, face cut, hairstyle, hair, and the option to apply and customize the option. In such a situation, it may look similar to you to a large extent. After this, you can use it to wish Holi or comment in Holi's post. Also read:

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How to make holi Avtar on Facebook

First, update the Facebook app and then open the app. Now click on the three dots given in the top right. Then click on See more at the bottom. After this, a new window will open, in which the avatar name will be written at the top, click on it.

Now you will see an option to create an avatar. First of all, it has to select the skin tone, whose options will be seen on the screen. After this, you will get the option to choose a hairstyle. It has the option of short, media and long hair. With this, you can customize the face shape, color, eyebrows, and nose according to your face, so that these avatars look the same as you.

Use a new avatar like this

After creating an avatar on Facebook, you can also share it or you can use it in messages or comments. To use it in the comment, you have to click on the icon of the emoji. After this, you will see the option of avatar, click on it and some avatar options will be seen below, choose Holi among them.

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