Bharat Bandh Tomorrow in the Entire Country, Know About.

Bharat Bandh

Bharat Bandh Tomorrow, India is closed to farmers across the country. During this time, farmers' organizations have appealed to keep all kinds of shops, markets, and business establishments closed. In this case, it has to be seen how successful this Bharat Bandh is.

Bharat Bandh, Bharat Bandh has been announced across the country yesterday. Farmers from all over the country will join this Bharat Bandh. During this time shops, markets and all business establishments will be closed. India will be closed from 6 am to 6 pm on Friday (26 March). The farmers, who are adamant about the withdrawal of the three central agricultural laws, will shut down India across the country tomorrow. During this period, shops, markets, business organizations, etc. have been announced to be closed. However, there is doubt as to whether the merchant organizations will give full participation in it. Whether or not traders will join this Bharat bandh is up to them.

What will be closed?

During this 12-hour Bharat bandh of farmers, it has called for the closure of shops, markets, and business establishments across the country. All types of shops and business establishments will remain closed. During this time, there may be a problem with the delivery of milk and dairy products. In such a situation, if you buy milk and dairy products every day, then arrange it in the evening itself. Farmers' organizations have said that people have been asked to voluntarily close shops. 

Will it be open?

Roads will not be jammed during Bharat Bandh. Because of this, traffic will be completely normal. Apart from this, during the Bharat Bandh, farmers will not even disrupt the rail route. It has been decided not to close the factories-companies. Petrol pumps, grocery shops, medical stores, general stores, and book shops will also be open during this period. 


What will farmers do during Bharat Bandh?

Farmers have been on the streets for the last about 120 days (4 months) demanding the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws. Tomorrow i.e. March 26, 2021, is the 120th day of the farmers' demonstration. In such a situation, to intensify the peasant movement, farmers are closing a day-long India across the country. During this time, farmers' organizations will hold demonstrations everywhere in the country. Along with this, new agricultural laws and government effigies will also be burnt. Significantly, the last time India was closed for three hours, due to which there was not much difference on the common life. In such a situation, we have to see what the farmers do this time.

Farmers want to support more and more people through this Bharat Bandh. This will cause trouble to the public. Farmer leaders have told their organizations not to block the roads. Apart from this, there has been talking of taking Bharat Bandh to every state, every district, tehsil, and village level except Delhi.

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