8 Most Demanded Digital Marketing Profiles

Digital Marketing

Digitization is unstoppable. More and more users contract all kinds of products and services through the Internet, which has led to a growing number of companies starting to operate online and have a large part of their business on the Internet. So, it is not surprising that the importance of digital marketing has experienced a meteoric rise.

Do you want to know which are the 8 most demanded profiles today in this field?

SEO specialist


It is of little use to have a website if most of the public cannot find it.

Google and the rest of the search engines prioritize some sites over others when it comes to ordering the results that they show when the user enters certain keywords. This ordering has a great impact on the traffic received since those who appear higher will be seen more easily and will have more options to win visits.

Within a digital marketing team, SEO specialists are in charge of analyzing websites and recommending relevant changes and improvements to obtain a positioning that reports high visibility in search engines for the most relevant terms.

Paid media manager

Those in charge of Paid Media are the ones who design the different paid advertising campaigns that are carried out in digital media such as search engines (SEM) or on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin, among others.

Its mission is to analyze which are the business areas that could be most benefited by the ads, establish the targets in which it is going to influence, select the keywords and the types of the page in which they will be displayed and, finally, configure them to be published at the right time. Also, they continuously monitor to make the necessary changes and try to obtain the maximum benefit from the investment made.

Community manager

The Community Manager is in charge of managing the company's social networks, which act as direct communication channels with the general public.

Their job is to establish the use to be made of the profiles, decide the Social Media platforms be used, define the types of content that will be disseminated, choose the most appropriate tone for the messages, and schedule publication calendars. Its ultimate goal is not only to attract potential customers but also to retain them by generating a certain degree of "engagement" or commitment to them.

Those who work in this discipline of digital marketing must also be properly prepared to be able to solve all kinds of communication crises that may occur, know when and how to respond to user criticism, or even provide customer service.

Content manager

The Content Manager is responsible for the content generated by the company, be it news, blog posts, infographics, videos, images ...

Within a digital marketing team, they select which formats are the most appropriate to communicate the messages that the brands intend to convey, establish the tone and language that best fit their target, define themes related to the objectives pursued by the corporation and coordinate to all the teams involved in the development of the content (writers, designers, video editors, SEO managers ...) so that the agreed deadlines are met. Also, it will monitor to identify which actions have more or less impact to optimize the strategy.

Expert in web analytics

Web analytics is of vital importance to know the performance of a brand on the Internet. The experts in this field are in charge of implementing the measurement tools of the sites (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Omniture ...) and of interpreting the results that they offer. They can also configure ad-hoc measurements of different parameters that may be relevant for the company, such as the number of sales, the leads obtained ...

Thanks to these professionals, it is possible to know what the strengths and weaknesses of a website are, through which channels the visits arrive (SEO, Paid Media campaigns, social networks, direct traffic ...) or even know if the advertising campaigns in offline media they have an impact on the online environment.

The work of the analytics expert is crucial to have an informed basis on which to make decisions on a site.

CRM manager

The CRM manager is the member of the team that manages customer relationships. He will be the one in charge of studying the target audience and drawing up plans that allow them to be captured and loyal.

They usually work with specialized tools through which they can analyze the different behaviors of users who come to a website and that allow them to decide which are the most appropriate actions in each situation: from sending them newsletters to satisfaction surveys or even discounts.

Its analysis of the user, of the navigation path that follows, or of where it is leaving allows determining what are the best actions to achieve the conversion.

Expert in influencer marketing

It is one of the newest areas and one that has started to emerge in recent times, mainly due to the increasingly important investments that companies make in marketing strategies with influencers.

The experts in this field will be in charge of choosing the influencers with whom to work based on criteria such as the topics they normally talk about, the number of followers they have (checking if they are authentic or false), the profile of these or the degree of interactions that their publications have. Besides, it will help define the type of actions that will be carried out (mentions, product reviews, contests ...).

ORM manager

ORM, within digital marketing, refers to online reputation management (Online Reputation Management)

The mission of ORM professionals is none other than to ensure the good image of a company on the Internet, continuously monitoring aspects such as the reviews and scores it obtains on platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, Tripadvisor ... or even the type of results that appear in search engines when your name is entered.

Their work allows us to analyze the general public sentiment towards the brand and make the best decisions to improve it.

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