Why celebrate International Men's Day and what is its history do you know

International Men's Day

International Men's Day 2021: People have heard a lot about 'Women's Day but do you know that 'International Men's Day is celebrated every year on 19 November and it is celebrated in more than 60 countries of the world. is celebrated in

Why We Celebrate International Men's Day: Since March 8, 1923, 'International Women's Day has been celebrated, in such a situation, for years, the need for one day was felt for men as well, that is, a day dedicated to men and If they too had a special feeling, then it also started. For the first time in India, 'International Men's Day was celebrated in 2007 one of the major reasons behind celebrating this day was to promote gender equality.

It is said that India is a male-dominated country and there is no need for men to celebrate any such special day on the lines of Women's Day, but it is not so, men also have their problems, which they have to deal with, There are also men victims of domestic violence in many cases in the country, given all these things, a need was felt to celebrate Men's Day along with Women's Day, since then Men's Day was also celebrated in India.

'International Men's Day is celebrated every year on 19 November. The focus of Men's Day is to tell the world about the health of men and children, gender equality, and ideal men. Men's Day has been celebrated since the 1960s, celebrating the achievements of men on this day.

Some Interesting Facts about Men's-

Men's attraction towards women is common, but men spend one year out of their entire life seeing women.

It is said that women are very talkative but men are no less, it is said that men also speak an average of 2,000 words a day

Men are less sensitive to cold temperatures, it is said

Unlike the weight of women, most of the fat or obesity in the body of men gets deposited on their stomachs.

History of 'International Men's Day'

For the first time in the year 1923, there was a demand to celebrate International Men's Day on the lines of 'International Women's Day, for this some men had demanded to set the day of February 23, although this demand could not catch much emphasis, later for a long time. 

After a hiatus, 'International Men's Day was first organized in 1999 in Trinidad Bargo by Dr. Jerome Teleksingh, a history lecturer at the University of the West Indies. Dr. Teelek Singh decided to host International Men's Day on 19 November to mark his father's birthday.

Advocate Uma Challa has been instrumental in creating awareness about 'International Men's Day. In 2007 she raised awareness of the horrific abuses that are perpetrated in the anti-male legal system.

Significance of International Men's Day

It has also been suggested as an opportunity whereby men can highlight the discrimination against them. 'International Men's Day is celebrated to focus on the health of men and boys, improve gender relations and promote gender equality. 

According to media reports, men commit suicide three times more than women in the world, while one in every three men is a victim of domestic violence, and it was also found that more than twice as many men are suffering from heart disease than women...


This day has become popular in India only in the last few years, just as respect for women is expressed on International Women's Day, in the same way, respect should be shown to men and it can start from their home, so why not celebrate this day. Show respect to men on this special day and make them realize how important they are and how much they matter.

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