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World Photography Day

Photography is the magic that preserves precious moments so that we can always remember those precious moments and enjoy watching them. Today is World Photography Day. 

World Photography Day is celebrated every year on 19th August all over the world. Actually, this day is dedicated to those people, who captured some special moments in pictures and made them memorable forever. 

This day is also celebrated to encourage photographers from all over the world. Talking about 25-30 years ago today, many people did not even have a camera, so that they could take their pictures and keep them as a memorial, but today almost everyone has a mobile camera available so that people can relax. 

You can take pictures anytime anywhere and save them as a memento. Let us know about the history and importance of 'World Photography Day. 

History of Photography Day 

Celebration of World Photography Day was started in France on January 9, 1839. The story behind this is that at that time a photography process was announced, which is called the Dagor type process and this process is considered to be the world's first photography process.

It was invented by Joseph Nicephore and Louis Douger of France. After this, on August 19, 1839, the French government announced this invention and obtained its patent. This is the day, which is celebrated every year on 19 August as 'World Photography Day' i.e. 'World Photography Day. 

importance of photography day 

World Photography Day is celebrated not only to remember those people who have made a significant contribution in the field of photography, but it also encourages people to come and show their skills in the field of photography. Is.

The world's first 'selfie' was taken 182 years ago 

Taking selfies may have become common today, but do you know when the world's first 'selfie' was taken and who took it? It is said that 182 years ago i.e. in the year 1839, Robert Cornelius of America clicked the world's first 'selfie'. Although at that time, no one even knew what a selfie was. That photo of Robert Cornelius is still preserved in the United States Library of Congress in print. 

First global online gallery

August 19, 2010, was a historic day for photography enthusiasts or professional photographers, as the first global online gallery was hosted on this day, with over 250 photographers sharing their views through their photographs. This online gallery became famous all over the world.

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