World Nature Conservation Day 2021: Significance Theme

World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day 2021: The importance of conserving nature has become more important than ever before. The purpose of celebrating this day is that people understand their responsibility towards the conservation of nature.

The world celebrates World Nature Conservation Day every year on 28 July. It is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the conservation of natural resources. The importance of natural conservation is explained on this day.

Today nature is facing many challenges like climate change, global warming deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, pollution, plastics, etc. Now many countries of the world are understanding the importance of nature conservation and have started working for it.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to lay the foundation of a healthy environment so that our society can remain stable and productive today and in the future.

Along with this, the intention is also that people should also understand that while exploiting nature, they have a responsibility for today and future generations. It is also important to know what we can do to fulfill this responsibility.

Ignoring Earth and Nature

Mahatma Gandhi once said that the earth has enough to satisfy the needs of every human being, but not enough to satisfy his greed. There are resources on earth for every kind of need like water, air, soil, minerals, trees, animals, plants, etc.

But in the race of industrial development, we have started neglecting the cleanliness of the earth and its health. Before doing anything, we do not think at all that how much damage will be done to nature by that activity.

Need for management

There is no information about the history of World Nature Conservation Day. That is, it is not known when and where it was first celebrated. To celebrate this day, people come together and raise their voices against its exploitation of nature.

It is always emphasized that conservation is the wise management of nature and the use of natural resources. We cannot eliminate our dependence on nature. But it needs better management.

What are the problems,

the way we have forgotten the importance of nature, due to which there has been an imbalance in nature and we have to face many problems which are also related to each other. Global warming, many diseases, natural calamities, rising sea level, landslides, conversion of lands into deserts and barren land, increase in the number and intensity of storms, limitless seasons, breaking of food chains, fragmentation of food webs Happen. Threats to biodiversity are only a few of the effects.

Necessary for conservation

There are many reasons for the need for protection. First of all, we have to understand this. If we are not friendly with nature, then nature will also not be in our favor. Till a few years ago, we were afraid that our actions would create a crisis on our very existence. But now we need to save even the earth. This is the reason why we need to conserve energy, soil, forest, extinct species, all in nature conservation.

What we

have to do Many people have a misconception that the work of conserving nature is only the responsibility of the government or big companies. For this, every person must discharge possible participation on his behalf. We have a lot to do to make this happen. In this, steps can be taken like maximum use of reusable and degradable products, efficient use and saving of water, saving electricity, contributing to better management of waste.

Emphasis on measures to reduce pollution, environmental awareness among people. Keeping educated and taking information on environmental issues and problems will make us better environmental management as well as prevent us from becoming a means of improper exploitation of nature. The blind race for development has distanced us from nature. We need to go near it.

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