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Fast And Furious 9

In addition to “F9”, “Fast and Furious” has one more film scheduled to close the cycle that began in 2001. Of course, it has some spin-offs underway, which began with “Hobbs & Shaw”.

Fast and Furious 9: Fast & Furious 9 release date, trailer, synopsis and what will happen, actors, characters, and everything about F9 | Without a doubt, the " Fast and Furious " saga ("Fast & Furious" in its original language and renamed in 2020 as 'Fast Saga') has been, is and will be one of the greatest not only in the history of Universal Pictures but also in the history of action movies. With more than 10 films released, various spin-offs to be released, and two more films that would have to hit theaters until April 2021, for the 20th anniversary of the franchise, the legacy of Dominic Toretto and his family is today indelible.

As with any family, the problems have not been lacking. Neither the loss of some loved ones - Paul Walker passed away in November 2013 in the middle of the filming of " Furious 7 " -, nor the disagreements within the cast - the public dispute between Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Vin Diesel -, but the brand has survived and will soon accelerate once more to the big screen, with Justin Lin ("The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," "Fast & Furious," "Fast Five" and "Fast & Furious 6") on the run. director's chair and with John Cena as the main reinforcement, but also as a brother and rival of Dominic Toretto. Cipher (Charlize Theron) will also reappear, but the villain today is Jakob Toretto, described and proven as a "tough guy."

The filming of " F9 ", which is the official title of the film, began in June 2019 at Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios, in Hertfordshire (England), and extended to Los Angeles, Edinburgh, and London, where it is set. the spin-off " Hobbs & Shaw, " starring Johnson as Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw and directed by David Leitch ("Deadpool 2").

Fast and Furious 9 " is scheduled to premiere in May 2020, nine months after " Hobbs & Shaw " (August 2, 2018) expanded the franchise with other names, technology, and situations.

On 22 July 2019, the film recordings were suspended for one day after twice Vin DieselJoe Watts, suffered a serious accident at Leavesden Studios. According to US media reports, Watts fell from a height of more than 30 feet, from a balcony to the ground, when his safety cable suddenly snapped, hitting his head hard. The stuntman was put into an induced coma, although his condition was stable. On August 8, Watts was released from ICU and the doctors were pleased with his progress.


Fast And Furious 9 Toretto

The official description for " Fast and Furious 9 " reads as follows:

“'Dom' Toretto has a quiet life off the radar, with Letty and her son, little Brian, but they know danger always lurks on his peaceful horizon. This time, that threat will force 'Dom' to confront the sins of his past if he is to save those he loves the most. 

His team comes together to stop a devastating conspiracy led by the most experienced assassin and the best performance driver they ever met - a man who is also 'Dom's' abandoned brother, Jakob. "

After the threat of Cipher, the cyberterrorist who wanted to unleash a nuclear war in " The Fate of the Furious ", now it is the turn of Jakob, the brother of 'Dom', to wreak havoc, although it is not yet known what they are his intentions beyond destroying the family that closed the doors to him.

“ F9 ” will also mark the return of actor Sung Kang as Han, as well as the reappearance of other well-known characters throughout the series.

In dialogue with EW, director Justin Lin was sincere and confessed that after making the sixth film, “I thought that was it, that there were no more 'Fast' stories that I could tell '”, but two years ago, “I I woke up with an idea for the new chapter ”, with an idea that explores the much talked about family theme,“ but doing it through blood ”.

"I think anyone who has siblings in the whole world knows that if you have fights with your blood, they are 100 times more intense," he said about Cena's incursion as Toretto's hitherto unknown brother.

Apparently in the trailer for " F9 ", Cipher will team up with Jakob to launch against Toretto, although, as noted above, it is not known exactly what this character wants. Cena suggested to ET Online that Jakob Toretto might not be a villain after all. Even the actor confessed that he wants "a place at the table" from the 'Dom' family.

“We'll leave it for the audience, we'll leave it for the 'Fast' family around the world to decide who is bad and who is good. Keep in mind that the preview shows enough for them to have many questions ... and for me not to be able to answer any of them! ”, Said the also fighter.

“We are not going to reuse and do the things we have done before. The great news is that even with the trailer, there is still a lot of material that has not been shared, so I am very proud, "added Lin during the preview presentation in Miami.


Han Is Return

The return of Han is another of the surprises of " Fast and furious 9 ", after his supposed death in " The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ".

In conversation with Cinemablend, Justin Lin explained that the return of this character is due, in part, to the "personal connection" he has with the fans.  With these sequels, many times people take things for granted and think about what is going to happen. 

I always consider that we have to win (the fans) in the next installment. This is how we can get through that journey with Han (...) I felt like if I went back to the franchise I wanted to explore why (Han disappeared). I think it was up to us to bring him back. "

Furthermore, he teased that Han's 'resurrection' will be fully explained. “I feel like things happen for a reason. I'm not going to go into details or anything, but I think bringing him back is not something we took lightly. "

“Everything is connected, let's put it that way. Everything happens for a reason in the Fast Universe, "he added when talking to MTV International. Lin also pointed out that "one of the reasons I came back was to bring him back."

For his part, Sung Kang, the actor who plays Han, said, “I feel like I'm going back to a family reunion. It is a relationship that was missing in my life since the last installment of the saga. When Shaw came in and it became known that he was Han's killer and that he was joining the family, it was ... I wondered if my character was being respected. "

“We know who Han is. Now we are older, this Han has matured. The things that we have learned through experience in our personal lives, I hope they can transcend on the screen, ”he explained to Yahoo!


Rock F9

In January 2019, Dwayne Johnson explained during an interview he gave to MTV News that he would not be returning for " F9 " due to recording conflicts with " Hobbs & Shaw ." Johnson then gave the possibility that he would join the family of the franchise in " F10 ", which was scheduled to release a year after " Fast & Furious 9 ":

“ Who knows, with 'Fast 10' down the road, you never know,” Johnson said. " Because look, at the end of the day, the truth is that there is unfinished business between Hobbs and 'Dom.' It's not all over yet. " Later, the actor commented that at some point Hobbs and Toretto would have to meet again. In addition, he thanked Diesel, the producer of the “ Fast & Furious ” franchise, for supporting the spin-off “ Hobbs & Shaw ”:


On Friday, December 13, Diesel revealed through his Instagram account when the first trailer of the ninth installment of the saga would be released. Along with an image from a photo shoot, the actor wrote: “The trailer for ' Fast 9 ' will be released next month. The exact day will be announced on the 18th of this month. "

Then it was announced that the presentation of the trailer would be on Friday, January 31. In addition, it was confirmed that the premiere would take place in the middle of a concert, with musical performances by prestigious artists.


When the trailer was finally released, the first surprise was John Cena's debut as Toretto's brother. The second, Han's reappearance several years after his alleged death at the hands of Deckard Shaw.



Once the initial tension has been overcome, for " Fast and Furious 9 " the following characters have been confirmed with their respective actors:

  • Vin Diesel - Dominic Toretto
  • Michelle Rodriguez - Letty Ortiz
  • Jordana Brewster - Mia Toretto
  • Tyrese Gibson - Roman Pearce
  • Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges - Tej Parker
  • Nathalie Emmanuel - Ramsey
  • John Cena - Jakob Toretto
  • Sung Kang - Han
  • Helen Mirren as Magdalene Shaw
  • Charlize Theron - Cipher
  • Lucas Black - Sean Boswell
  • Jason Tobin - Earl
  • Krzysztof 'Kris' Mardula - Thug
  • Michael Rooker - Buddy
  • Anna Sawai
  • Finn Cole
  • Cardi B
  • Vinnie Bennett
  • Amber Sienna - Interpol
  • Jim Parrack
  • Martyn Ford
  • Ella Walker - Vanessa
  • Thue Ersted Rasmussen - Otto

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