Google is discontinuing its free Google service from 1 June 2021

Google Service 1 June 2021

Google is going to discontinue its free service from June 1. Google Photo is discontinuing the free cloud storage facility from June 1, 2021, from Google. Meaning, Google will now be charged for Google Photo Cloud Storage. 

If you store your photos and data on Google Drive or any other place, you will have to pay a charge for this. It was already announced by the company. 

A charge will be given for online photo and video storage

Currently, Google is offering unlimited free storage to customers, so that users can store their photos or other documents online, which will be accessible anywhere through the Internet. 

However, from June 1, 2021, customers are offered only 15GB of free cloud storage from Google. If users want to store more photos or documents online than this, then they have to pay a charge.

How much will have to be charged

If users need extra data from 15GB, then they have to pay $ 1.99 (Rs 146) per month. On behalf of the company, it has been named Google One. Which has an annual subscription charge of $ 19.99 (about Rs. 1464). Users will have to pay for the storage of new photos and videos. Old photos will be stored safely as before. 

Google Pixel 2 smartphone customers will be able to use free high-quality photo backup. Similarly, Google Pixel 2,3,4,5 smartphone users will also get the facility of free photo and video storage.

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