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If you are a Telegram user, then this news is no less than a gift for you. Because now you are going to get many attractive features on Telegram, which you have been waiting for a long time. Telegram has announced its new update in which the company has revealed new add-on features. This new update includes Payments 2.0, scheduling voice chat, mini profile for voice chat, new web version including many updates. Telegram has revealed all the new features coming in the messaging app in a blog.

A telegram came with these new features, 

so now let us tell you one by one, what are the important and useful features of Telegram: 


Users will now be able to do voice chat,

on schedule telegram, group administrators and channels will now be able to schedule voice chat by putting date and time. This gives community members time to locate and call their friends. You will see three dots on the Android phone. After this, you have to click on 'Start Voice Chat'. After this, you will be able to use the 'Schedule Voice Chat' option. Tap the 'Voice Chat' button on iOS and select the 'Schedule Voice Chat' option.


can be made to any contact, let us know that the payment bot has been available on Telegram since 2017. This allows users to pay securely. Now here merchants will be able to accept payment by credit card on any chat. Payment can now be made from any app. It also includes a desktop app. Telegram says that Telegram will not take any commission nor save payment details.

The profile photo

Telegram will be able to change during chatting has brought a special feature, which the company has named Mini Profile. Through this feature, you will be able to edit your profile picture and bio without coming back from any chat. And while chatting, you will be able to see your profile expanded.

The first web version of Telegram web app Telegram came out in 2014. Now the company has brought two new fully-featured Telegram web apps. Both these web apps support many features like animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders. With the new web version, you will instantly access your chat on any device - desktop or mobile. With this, these apps will require only 400 KB of download space. 

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