Online Search Pattern People Are Searching RT-PCR Oxygen Cylinder

RT-PCR Oxygen Cylinder

Corona's havoc: Covid-19 related words like 'RT-PCR' and 'Oxygen Cylinder' are the most searched on Google

Coronavirus is becoming widespread in the country. Every day Corona is breaking its records. On Wednesday, 3 lakh 14 thousand 835 new infected have been found in India in 24 hours. Online search pattern has also changed due to an increase in Covid-19 cases. Now people are searching for important things related to corona. These searches are being conducted by users, including words like 'Remedisvir Injection', 'RT-PCR Test', 'Oxygen Cylinder', and 'Bed in Hospital'. 

These terms are being searched the most  

, according to the data collected by the Indian Express, the people of Maharashtra are searching for the most 'Remedisvir Near Me' term. People living in Delhi are searching for terms like 'Oxygen Cylinder Near Me', 'Kovid RT PCR Test Near Me', and 'Kovid Hospital Near Me'. Apart from this, between 7 and 13 March, another term that has increased in people's search is 'Kovid Vaccination Center Near Me.

More than 200 people are reading about Remedisvir every hour. People searching for

these essential things related to the coronavirus on social,  in addition to Google (Google) are also resorting to platforms like social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. . People are taking help from their near and relatives by posting on these platforms. According to the data till 7 April, more than 200 people are using the term 'Remedisvir' in their posts every hour.

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