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Gonzaga's Drew Timme competed for the ball in the eighth with Chavez Goodwin of Southern California.

Gonzaga (30-0) is at the pinnacle of history, but the Bulldogs have not been obsessed.

With two more wins, Coach Mark Few's clubs would become Indiana's first undefeated men's national basketball champion since 1976. With wins on Saturday and Monday, Gonzaga would end 32–0, the same mark Hosier would now turn 45 years old.

83–65 in the No. 1 standings, after his team demolished Creighton, some reporters said, "We are not all involved with undefined work." 5, Sunday, round 16. He said, if we want to win the championship then we have to go 3–0 and that is our goal. There is pressure on all these teams because you are moving more with it. Pressure comes from all kinds of places, and the biggest pressure of all is that you don't want to end it. "

The last two teams have remained undefeated so far - UNLV in 1991 and Kentucky in 2015 - both losing in the national semifinals.

Gonzaga is not in danger of being followed by the suit. The Bulldogs featured three Naismith Trophy players as the best college players in the country: Corey Kispert, Drew Timbey, and Jalan Suggs. His fourth-best player, Joel Ayayi, is the only triple-double in program history. The Bulldogs jointly won the first four tournament matches with 96 points.

"I loved every part of this trip and haven't done it yet," Suggs said in a television interview after shattering 85-66 Gonzaga, Southern California, on Tuesday's round of 16.

This Final Four, equipped to challenge Gonerga, may have a Baylor squad. Credit… Robert Deutsch / USA Today Sports via Reuters

Coaches Scott Drew and Byers (26–2) appear in the first Final Four of the program in 1950 and are making their first championship game since 1948. They are 5-point favorites against Houston (28–3).

Boiler team no. Maybe the best in the country for 2 seasons and Gonzaga to be challenged if he makes it to the finals as he takes on talented and experienced perimeter players from Jared Butler, Maccio Teague, Davion Mitchell, Adam Flagler, and Matthew Mayer. Forms a group of.

The match on the backfield will be decisive. Houston has 28.3% of its opponents, pulling from behind the 3-point arc, while Baylor's 41.1% depth clip consists of Division I.

By a break at the end of February due to viral protocol and losses in Kansas, the Beers are 8–1 and playing at the same level during the start of the 18–0 season.

"We felt we had to diagnose some things, some things would have to be corrected in the future," Teague said of the loss in Kansas. “And we felt that we would continue to improve as the season passed and we did not want to reach the top in January. We want to reach the top when we reach the top. We want to continue improving this week as well. "

Tiger Campbell hugged Jaime Jaquez Jr. by UCLA to reach Michigan in the Final Four. Credit… Tim Nechukwu / Getty Images

Coach Mick Cronin's team is only the second after the Virginia Commonwealth in 2011 to advance to the last four of the first four. The Bruins have won five straight games in this tournament - including wins at No. 1 in Michigan and No. 2 in Alabama - after losing four straight games before the tournament.

However, Brins (22-9) will enter the national semifinals in the huge semi-finals, with several major betting spots listing Gonzaga as a 14-point favorite and heavy betting action on the Bulldogs.

Arizona State coach Bobby Hurley said, "He has tried to keep him close and somehow put pressure on the game, which helped Duke finish UNLV in the national semifinals before winning the championship in 1991." "Gonzaga has managed to create a great advantage over teams that have been scandalous."

An important game to watch will be Gonzaga's Drew Tismi against UCLA center Cody Riley. The Elite Eight 10-meter timeframe provided 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists against Evan and Isaiah Mobley of Southern California. A relay of 6 meters and 9, a junior with an average of 9.8 points and 5.2 rebounds per game, will have to find a way to make life harder for Timm, who prefers to step down to open up teammates on the perimeter.

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