Android App Netflix Online Offering Free Netflix Video May Steal

Fake Netflix  App Found

Be careful if you are using an Android app in the circle of watching Netflix movies or shows for free because it can steal your WhatsApp data.

Cyberspace researchers said on Wednesday that they have discovered a fake service app on the Google Play store that offers users to watch Netflix shows and movies on their smartphones for free while monitoring their WhatsApp notifications and incoming Receives automatic replies to messages with

The fake app automatically sends message replies

By the name of FlixOnline, hackers spread malware viruses to people through auto-response to the message notifications on WhatsApp through the apps in your phone. According to the team at Check Point Research (CPR), this fake app works by connecting to a remote command and control center to do so. According to the CPR team, this method enables a hacker to carry out phishing attacks, spread further malware, or spread false information or steal data from users' WhatsApp accounts and chats.

The team at Check Point Research (CPR) noted that, theoretically, such apps can hack all kinds of data through auto-response, as well as create problems in business chat. It can even blackmail users in exchange for sensitive data. The CPR team immediately informed the tech giant Google regarding this fake app and also shared their research related to it. 

As a result of this, the tech company Google took the action and deleted the app from the play store. This app has been downloaded nearly 500 times during the last two months. The research team says that if a user is infected with it, then immediately he should remove this app from his device and change the password of his device as well.

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