Zomato Delivery Boy Accused of Punching Girl Clarifies Tells

A woman named Hitesha Chandranee, who hails from Bengaluru, shared the video on Instagram and said that she was attacked by Zomato's delivery boy for refusing to take orders.

Zomato Delivery Boy accused

Bengaluru: The delivery boy of Zomato has denied the charge of punching a female customer from Bengaluru and said that he had hit his ring on the nose. After the delivery boy's statement came out, a new twist has come into this matter. Let me tell you that a woman named Hitesha Chandranee shared a video on Instagram and told that she was attacked by Zomato Delivery Boy for refusing to take orders.

Customer behavior was bad: Delivery boy

Talking to 'The News Minute', a delivery boy named Kamaraj said, 'I reached the door of his apartment and gave him food. He had chosen the cash-on-delivery payment option and I was expecting payment from him. I also apologized to him for the delay in delivery due to traffic and bad roads, but his behavior was quite bad. They asked me 'Why was it late to get food?'

'This happened to me for the first time

Kamaraj said, 'I responded by apologizing and told that there were road blocks due to construction on the road and there was a traffic jam as well. But she kept insisting that the food has to be delivered within 45-50 minutes of ordering. I have been doing this work for more than two years and this is the first time I have had to go through this kind of situation.

'Food not returned after order cancellation'

Kamaraj said, 'Customer Hitesha took food and refused to give the order money. He said that she was talking with Zomato chat support. When I asked him for payment, he refused to give the money and called him a slave. Then he started shouting and said, "What can you do?" Meanwhile, Zomato Support told me that the order has been canceled at the request of the customer. After this, I asked him to return the food, but he refused me.

Killed Your Ring on Your Nose: Delivery Boy

After this I decided to go without taking food and started going towards the elevator, then they called me abusive in Hindi and hit me with slippers. I used my hand to avoid his attack. When she was trying to remove my hand, her hand accidentally hit her nose and blood started coming out due to injury from the ring. Anyone who sees their face will understand that it has not happened with a single punch. I don't even wear any ring and Hiteesha is seen wearing the ring in the Instagram video.

What is the whole matter?

Please tell that Hitesha Chandrani, who is from Bengaluru, placed the order at 3.30 pm on March 9, but he received this order at 4.30 pm. The order was not received on time, so they called customer support and asked them to either return the money or cancel the order completely. Hitesh said that when he told the delivery boy that the order had to be canceled or a complementary and she was waiting for its confirmation, the delivery boy shouted at him and refused to take the order back. Hitesh Chandrani shared the video on Instagram and told that when he asked the delivery boy to wait, he became very aggressive and shouted angrily at him. She got scared and tried to close the door. The delivery boy then forcibly entered his house and punched him in the face. After this, he ran away with the order.

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