PUBG May Be Back in India Soon, Plan B Is Being Made!

PUBG May Be Back

Krafton recently announced a new PUBG version named PUBG: New State and in November 2020 also announced PUBG Mobile India specifically designed for the company India.

PUBG: A new update has emerged regarding the New State. The game was announced late last month and is available for pre-registration on Google Play. However, it is not available for Indian players. As such, Krafton, the game's publisher, had stated clearly in a statement that they are not planning to launch the game in India right now. Instead, the company is focusing on the return of PUBG Mobile to India, but a source in the official code of PUBG: New State's official website has allegedly seen a Hindi-language script, which seems to suggest that the company plans for India B are running.
The Hindi language has been seen in the source code of PUBG: New State website by GemWire. Tweet focused on gaming websiteKar gave information about this and also shared a screenshot of the script. However, when we checked, we did not find this script in that place. Looking at the screenshot of the script shows that Krafton had prepared the entire website of New State in the Hindi language as well. However, GemWire states that until that time this option of language was only visible in the script. The Hindi language option was not visible in the language select menu of the main website.
If the Hindi language script was included on the website, then it makes us think once again about the India launch of PUBG: New State. It may be that Krafton is running a plan B for the India launch of New State. However, in a recent statement, the company has clearly stated that the company is not planning to launch the new game in India right now. Instead, the main focus of the company is to bring PUBG Mobile back to India. The company also announced PUBG Mobile India in November after the ban in September 2020. Krafton said that the game has no connection with Tencent and that it is being designed for a particular India. However, the game is not yet launched.
 At the same time, a statement on the other sideThe Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has described PUBG Mobile as one of the violent, obscene, and habitual games. His statement thus suggests that the government's stance on the return of the game has still not softened. Perhaps this could also be the reason that Krafton is trying to be pre-prepared for the India launch of PUBG: New State. Well, whether PUBG Mobile returns to India or the company brings a brand new PUBG Mobile India or New State to India, it depends on a successful interaction between the company and the government.

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