International Puppy day 2021

International Puppy Day

International puppy day 2020 special: How much importance of dogs in Indian life can be gauged from the fact that in our Hindi films, more than one Dhasu dialogue has been written and spoken on dogs. So, on this Dog Day i.e. Dog Day, listen again on August 26, the best dialogues, on which the dogs will also say wah-wah or eye-to-eye…

Just before getting on the favorite dialogue language of dogs, let us know once and for all why the International puppy day is being celebrated. Let us know that in the year 2004, Animal Welfare Advocate and Pet Lifestyle Expert 'Colin Page' started National Dog Day on 26 August in America. By doing this, she wanted to encourage the common people to come forward to protect the dogs of every breed and provide shelter to the injured and helpless dogs. Dog Day is also a day to honor those dogs, who work day and night for the safety of their human owners, and in return, they want only to love and affection…

Few people know about Dog Day in India, but listening to the dialogues written on dogs in Hindi films, they will also say that Bollywood films have left no stone unturned to illuminate the names of dogs.

Dialogue 1:

Dogs do not have any Sunday, dogs are dogs for

seven days Divyendu Sharma

Film: Pyaar Ka Panchnama-2011

Dialogue 2:

Do not misunderstand Kutta Palo, Bill Palo, even Snake Palo,

Satish Shah

Still Hearts Hindustani,

The year 2000

Dialogue 3: 

A lion often becomes a dog in the cage

Sunny Deol

fatal, 1996

Dialogue 4:

Basanti Dances Against These Dogs


Sholay, 1975

Dialogue 5:

When ten bastards die, a dog is born


Khuda, 1994

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